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  • Hi,

    After updating to Woocommerce 4.0, the shopping cart automatically displays “Enter your address to display shipping options”, and when the customer selects a country, for example, United States, Canada, UK or New Zealand, it displays a message that there are no shipping options for your country.

    This message goes away when the customer fills up ALL his details in the shipping cart such as state and postal code.

    To reproduce this issue, try changing the country between UK, Canada and New Zealand in the cart and the message will automatically pop up that “there are no shipping options to your country”, UNLESS the customer also fills up the state and postal code, which can be very frustrating and confusing during the checkout phase!

    This is very confusing as the customer gets the initial impression that there are no shipping options at all to his country during cart checkout process. The geolocate feature in woocommerce only applies to countries and not states, so the customer has to manually fill in the state before the cart would display the shipping price.

    I selected flat shipping for Canada, UK and New Zealand but this issue keeps cropping up in the woocommerce cart – it wasn’t like this in previous Woocommerce versions!! Something is very wrong here and it is confusing the entire checkout process and making this confusing for customers.

    Could you please let me know how to fix this cart issue? It would be great if you could revert to the previous version where the shipping costs in the cart would be displayed based on country, and not when the customer fills up his entire address details!

    This is an issue that would definitely affect our conversion rates and sales, please correct this as soon as possible. Thank you.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by mrkawaii.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by mrkawaii.
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  • Plugin Author Peter Fabian


    Hi @mrkawaii

    Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the trouble. We are tracking a similar issue in GitHub here:

    We’ll update this in the next release.

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    Thanks – please allow for shipping method rates to be calculated by country. It should not be necessary for the customer to enter his full address (including state and zip code) because customers would just want to know the shipping costs for their country.

    Most customers don’t even fill up their address at the cart stage, so this will affect conversion rates.

    I’ve reverted the code back to Woocommerce 3.9.4 where the cart shipping method only requires a country, not a state.

    NOTE: Please bear in mind that the geolocation feature in Woocommerce only works for COUNTRIES, not STATES or ZIP CODES. So by default the customer has NO SHIPPING OPTIONS unless he manually types in the state and zip code. Perhaps the WooCommerce Developers should have known about this before making the change?

    Please kindly test out the plugin before releasing it as this would affect us merchants using the plugin – to see if things make sense and how would a normal customer react to the cart and checkout flow.

    The last update was honestly unnecessary when things were working just fine.

    Thank you!

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    Same issue here, everything worked fine before Woocommerce update some days ago.
    Customers should be able to preview the shipping costs before entering the whole address.

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