• Hi, I have just installed the free version of the plugin. I have followed the documentation and added a google maps api key.

    I have set up 5 different Shipping zones by drawing. Band A, B, C, D, and E.

    I have then created one zone that has all 5 of these shipping zones by drawing in with differing costs.

    When i go to the checkout or cart page and enter an address into the shipping fields it just says no shipping options appear for your address even though the address i have entered lies within one of the bands for delivery.

    I have set the ‘Pick precise delivery address from map’ setting to ‘Show the delivey map when Google fail to geolocate the delivery address’ and this shows a map on the checkout page, when i set the marker for a location the shipping options then work. I would rather not show customers a map i would rather they just enter their address into the shipping fields and for it to calculate the shipping options, is this possible?

    Thanks & kind regards.

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  • Plugin Author arosoft


    Hi, it could be the setup of the Woocommerce Shipping Zones.

    Wocommerce only uses shipping methods from the first matching zone.

    To be sure i would need to see your site. It could also be some google maps api issue. If you right click in chrome and chose inspect, you should see some errors if this is the case.

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