Support » Plugin: Contact Widgets » No settings. No errors. Doesn’t work for me. Godaddy Support no help.

  • I installed this plugin as part of a very very basic 2 page wordpress site.

    I installed WordPress through Godaddy C-panel app install and picked one of the 7 default themes. This plugin came with it. I configured the site and then tested the contact form. It goes nowhere. I googled and googled and checked and re-checked settings. Could not find any settings for this plugin. No documentation about how to troubleshoot this. I downloaded a plugin called check email to test whether the site could send e-mail. It passed. I tried filling in 3 different e-mail accounts. 2 Office365 and 1 gmail. It showed up nowhere. I installed a mail test plugin. It was able to send me a test. The form still doesn’t work. I tried installing a 3rd party smtp plugin. I twas able to send me a test. Contact form still doesn’t work.

    Have been on 90 minute chat session with godaddy support. Form still doesn’t work. They claim that they ran a script test and it works. The contact form still doesn’t work. They seem to have no ideas about how to troubleshoot it.

    My frsutration is the lack of functioning and the lack of any useful info for troubleshooting or settings or anything. I can see if I was doing massive customizing but I’m not. I simply installed WordPress using Godaddy isntallers, picked one of the default themes and ended up with this contact form that is of no use to me.

    Also, this whole experience has devalued my opinion of Godaddy support.

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