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    As my site should live from users content, even anonymously it makes no sense without automatically syncing, I expected.
    when I have to save and send the content its the same as I would copy past it in other Tab :o) for this I don’t need a plugin.

    For what is this Content Site key? I have no local version on Compter. I just wanted sync the content for backup issues.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi jaroslawistok,

    Thanks for your interest. While WPSiteSync does effectively copy/paste the Content of your page/post from one site to another, it does do a lot more. It also automatically copies all of the “extra” information associated with your post, such as taxonomy data, meta data and image references (both featured image, plus any images referenced within the post content). So it does save you some time when you have more complicated Content.

    The reason you have to save the data and then send is because when you save it, all the information is written to the database. This is required because many plugins can add metaboxes and additional data to the post edit page. Saving to the database allows all these other plugins to save their data as well. Once that’s done, we can take a copy of it all and move it over to the Target site.

    The “Site Key” is used to identify each site. If you have a setup where you have multiple Source sites all Pushing data to a single Target site, we identify each piece of content being sync’d by it’s post ID and the Site Key it came from. That way, we can properly track which Content has already been sync’d and where it came from.

    WPSiteSync is not a backup plugin. We provide on-demand synchronization of Content and meta data between two sites. There are plenty of other solutions for backups and if that’s your need, we encourage you to look at those solutions.

    We intentionally do not automatically sync Content. We have designed the tool for Content creation and management. So this helps with a couple of different workflows: to create and manage Content on a local development site and then Push that to a Staging site. Or, to allow creation of Content on a Staging site (possibly by multiple authors) and then, after approval or confirmation, easily move this data to a live site. It sounds like your workflow is outside of this since you have users creating content.

    If you have some suggestions on some changes we can implement to help make the tool more useful for your workflow, we would like to hear those.

    We’re sorry to hear that you’re not finding the tool very useful for your situation and we hope you keep us in mind when you do find a situation where this tool can be of more benefit for you.

    Thank You for so much information, I didn’t expect this 😉

    I use this plugin anyway but with issues for example as I had to change my username from admin to another one (security reason), now I have to quickly change the Author ( post there is without Author) to admin otherwise this post disappears after while.

    Thanks again.

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    Hello again.

    I don’t quite understand your comment: “now I have to quickly change the Author ( post there is without Author) to admin”.

    Do you mean that your user contributed content does not have an author id associated with it?

    When WPSiteSync synchronizes the post, we use the user/author ID that you have configured as the Target site’s authentication user. So if you have a ‘contributor’ username on the Target and you use this when you authenticate, that user’s ID will be used for the Content on the Target site.

    If this doesn’t suit your purpose, we do have a WPSiteSync for Authors plugin here which allows you to select which Author on the Target site to be used when syncing. But this may not work for you if you’re looking for automated syncing of the content since it does require user interaction.

    Not sure why the post would disappear after a while. That must be caused by something else. Is the Content still in the database? Maybe there’s something else just filtering out the posts after they’ve been sync’d.

    It was a draft post which was gone again and again.
    Both sites are logged in with admin accounts.
    Evan tha same Usernames.
    But after transmission in a target site the Author was an empty place 😉

    Thanks again, You are right. It sure a very usefully plugin for developers, in the moment not for me.

    thanks a lot for kindly supporting:

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    Hi jaroslawistok,

    It sounds like something is wrong then. We do assign an Author ID on the Target when the Content is Pushed. So if that’s empty, there may be an issue.

    I would like to ask that you submit a support ticket to with what you are describing and if possible, a database dump of both the Source and Target sites after the Push. That would help us to track this down.

    Our goal is that, once the post is on the Target that it looks like like it would if you had created it on the Target. So if the Author ID is missing, that’s not right.

    Sorry, it’s to complicate for me. I have also the Author changed on the target site. fact is that the Author after pushing is empty.

    I don’t use this plugin now anymore.


    Maybe one helpfully notice more:
    I have the same admin username on both sites but different email addresses.
    Have just difficulties to change this.
    Maybe this causes the issue.

    I have some question more because I still use this plugin again 🙂

    is it possible that Webhost provider somehow blocks to “receive” syncs from other website?

    In one direction (from this free server) it works properly but from other paid server to this free it shows by settings:

    Error authenticating user on Target: WPSiteSync for Content is not installed and activated on Target site.

    But Plugin is on and it sends syncs to this paid server.
    Only other direction it is not possible.

    What could be a reason for this?

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    Hello jaroslawistok,

    The usernames vs. email addresses shouldn’t make any difference when authenticating. You can use either one.

    It’s possible that the host is blocking the API call, but I don’t think that’s the issue you’re seeing. If you can authenticate and send Content from one site you should be able to do it from another site. A host blocking the API call would more likely result in ALL Source sites being blocked, not just one.

    If you like, we can investigate this further for you. Please contact us at our support page at – we’ll need to know the URL that you’re using for your Target site and do a couple of tests to see if we can find the problem. And we may need some login credentials for a temporary account on the Target so we can check it out.

    Ticket already sent

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    Hello jaroslawistok,

    I can’t find your ticket in our issue tracking system. Can you please reply with the ticket number so we can track that down? Thanks!

    I was not logged in because I don’t have a premium support. But I could sen the form which was also confirmed. Maybe looking for my email? jaroslaw at

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    Hi jaroslawistok,

    I’m not finding a help ticket under that email address. And you don’t need premium support.

    Please submit a new ticket at with an explanation of the problem and the URL of your Target site. We’ll be happy to look into it.

    And when You look for address ?
    I don’t understand why because I really saw the confirmation after sending.

    This is from browser History:

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