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    Hello, i have version 2.1.0 of the plugin.
    after the selection of the custom message in the product page, i update the product but after the load of the page there is no custom message selected anymore.
    How can i fix this?
    Thank you

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  • hightechdad


    I just reported the same thing. So it is not just you.



    I am facing the same issue – following for a resolution.

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Great news — this has been fixed and I am releasing version 2.1.1 right now!

    Still not fixed … just updated to 2.1.1 and I still can’t see my custom messages.

    UPDATE: Okay, I found this in the FAQ on the main Plugin page:
    I just upgraded from version 1.x. Where is my Custom Content?
    In the Admin menu, go to Custom Emails > WCE Settings. Enable the option for “Show Version 1x Custom Content” and Save. Now when you go into a WooCommerce product you had previously customized in version 1.x, you will see a new button for “Show Content” — if you click this button it will display your old Custom Content in a textarea field, so you can Copy/Paste it into a new WCE Message.

    So now we have to go in and manually update every product?! Is there no way of honouring the custom messages that were created prior to these updates? That’s a lot of product info to update and not exactly “fixed” in my opinion.

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    Same issue here – spent tons of hours building custom email content for over 40 products, and now its all gone. This is going to delay my site going live.

    I did follow instructions from above to find the old content, however there is a big problem here – the content area is “disabled” and doesn’t allow me to copy it at all! I even tried to “inspect” the code and it still won’t let me copy it from there.

    While I can appreciate the hard work that goes into a plugin like this for free, its very frustrating when it creates situations like this.

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi tpphost,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues using my plugin.

    In Chrome on Mac I’m able to copy/paste from a disabled field, so I thought it worked that way for all browsers. I can update the plugin so the old “Custom Content” field is no longer disabled (but won’t save any new values), so you can at least copy/paste into a new Custom Email Message.

    Like you mentioned, I only work on this plugin for free on my spare time, and I am simply unable to foresee every possible website error that may come up. I try to deal with the issues as they come through so please bear with me. I appreciate you using my plugin!

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    I appreciate the response and no worries. I figured out a way around it by inspecting the code – removing the “disable” then I am able to go back to the field and copy everything. Honestly the update works out very well, as now I can easily update the same message used by multiple products. My only suggestion would be in future consider maybe allowing different messages to be sent with different order statuses (i.e. one for processing, one for completed, etc.) Otherwise keep up the great work!

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi raestanton,

    I’m sorry to hear the latest update doesn’t fit your needs. I tried to reorganize things so multiple Messages can be reused within the system, so the plugin is more flexible. This way when a message needs to be updated, you only need to update it in one place, instead of needing to update every product which has the same message.

    I can find a way to have some kind of toggle switch to enable either the “Custom Content” or assigning a “Custom Email Message,” but I haven’t had many requests for this feature… I believe it will be much easier once you use the new process, but let me know if you really need this.

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Thanks, tpphost!



    Hi Alex

    I created a new Custom Email Message based on the old message (thanks for making that copiable!) but when I test the product, I’m getting an error in the Customer Email:

    Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/accurate/www/test/wp-content/plugins/woo-custom-emails-per-product/includes/class-woo-custom-emails-output.php on line 78

    This is appearing directly above the Custom Email Message, screenshot here:

    What would I need to do to fix this please?


    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @raestanton,

    This issue seems to be happening with “Bookable” product types.

    Is that product type in your Cart when you are seeing this message?

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