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    Plugin Name: WP Custom Search
    Version: 0.3.18
    WordPress 3.5.1.

    This plugin has recently stopped working, and now produces NO results when people search.

    Search result alwasy shows this message:

    Search Result for — 0 pages

    No posts found. Try a different search?

    These are my settings for the two drop down options in the search box at the top right column of

    LABEL 1

    DATA TYPE = tag
    Drop Down = Equals
    Drop Down Options = ‘my list of tags

    LABEL 2
    DATA TYPE = Category
    Drop Down = Equals
    Drop Down Options = ‘left blank

    This was working OK before, but not sure when it broke.

    Any ideas for me to fix?

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  • If I leave both “Drop Down Options” as blank, in the ‘Widget Config’ section, then it DOES work, and brings up the first 10 results.

    However, I NEED to populate the the lists manually, as I did before.

    I would also like to know how to change the limit of 10 results to unlimited, or at least a higher figure.

    Plugin Author don benjamin


    Hi @abcdiamond,

    Ah yes, there was a change in the new release as to how tags/categories are handled. There were problems in some cases with international character sets being used in urls so I switched to using the IDs rather than the names. I hadn’t thought through how this would affect people who had manually entered lists of names.

    I’ll have a think about a more permanent fix on Monday, but for now you could get the search working again either by entering the ids with each of the categories in the dropdown options list:

    e.g. 1:My Category,2:Other Category

    Or by replacing this line in extra_search_fields.php:

    return " AND ( ".$comparison->addSQLWhere($this->getField($name,$index),$value).")";


    return " AND ( (".$comparison->addSQLWhere($this->getField($name,$index),$value).") OR ( ".$comparison->addSQLWhere("meta$",$value).") )";

    , although this will mean that the dropdowns won’t be pre-populated in the search forms.

    This is line 751 in the copy I’m using for testing, it might be slightly different on the currently released version.

    … same here.

    also I am having the same effect with no categories being used, but also with plain free search field.
    … + actually I would rather prefer the fix, as manual insertion is as painful as is missing dropdowns.

    [– also would like to add to other comments here, that this is really unique/non-replacable plugin. so whatever makes this sustainable, I would second ;-)]

    thanks, though, for looking into this!

    Thanks for the temp fix.
    I added the tag ids to the category names.
    and this is now working.
    I used “words in” for the compare option, but I worry if I have a tag number 11 and 111. What would happen ?

    A permanent fix will be good though 🙂

    Plugin Author don benjamin


    @abcdiamond if you’re searching for categories which exist you should be able to use the equals comparison. Otherwise yes searching for category 11 would give you category 111.

    @leroy-b this sounds like a different issue, could you describe your setup please?

    hello Don,

    thanks for asking specifically 🙂
    … actually, the story seems an “easy” one, after following a hunch: when I turn off relevanssi-plugin everything works…

    … it would be a *very* hard treat, though, as relevanssi is an unparalleled plugin to pimp the WP-search, which – as I don´t have to tell you, in particular – is very poor by nature…

    – would you have any recommendations, how I could solve this…?

    thanks again! + best!

    ps: forgot to mention: it worked before in this combination. seems to me upgrading wordpress was where it stopped (but I am not 100% sure on this).

    I am having a similar issue.

    I have a drop down setup in the search pulling custom field info from posts and when I select one of the options and search, there’s no results showing even though I know that posts do have those custom fields filled in (the drop down’s auto-populating with the options to choose from).

    I’m running WordPress 3.5.1

    The update that you loaded to WordPress, which I did yesterday, fixed everything. Thanks.

    Not resolved for me yet.
    Here’s exactly what happens:
    I’m using presets and short-codes to put the preset into my search page:
    The presets allow searching for preacher, theme, etc. (scroll down to find them)
    The drop-down list pre-populates just as it should, but, when I select any preacher (for instance), I get empty search results.
    However, if I click on the magnifying glass icon next to the already filled in search box, I get exactly the results I should.

    Plugin Author don benjamin


    @madebyguerrilla and @qoheleth could you upgrade to 0.3.20 and let me know if that helps. Thanks

    @leroy-b, I’ll investigate compatibility with relevanssi when I get time, this may not be till the next major release though (which will be quite an overhaul)

    No luck with 0.3.20 still. WP is version 3.5.2 (latest).
    The weird thing for me is that if I use the already filled in search (in the search box after using any of my presets), it does work. Somehow that search isn’t running.

    @leroy-b, I’ll investigate compatibility with relevanssi when I get time, this may not be till the next major release though (which will be quite an overhaul)

    great! thanks! looking forward to this, as the recent update doesn´t change the situation. … and I wouldn´t like to let go any of these two great plugins! 🙂

    It seems to be working for me now. Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author don benjamin


    @leroy-b, I’ve just put out a new release which may fix the issue

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