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    Well, so as the title says, I’ve set up the plugin and see my tables just fine, including its entries when searching. But I don’t have any save or delete button on any table, not even the WP ones (unlike kseni14’s thread, because my primary keys are here).

    I’ve just upgraded to WP 3.9 right before installing the plugin, would this have something to do with it?


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    I have tested against WordPress 3.9 and it works fine for me and no one else has reported this issue. If you would like to send me the schema for your table(s) I can try and replicate although it does seem strange that you have the same problem with WP ones also. What other plugins do you have installed? What browser and version are you using?

    I have no other plugin installed, and I’m using Chrome. Although it seems to have the same behavior on Firefox.

    My table is a very simple one with 4 or 5 column, a primary ID and others Varchar (255) and text, nothing special, with a single entry so far.
    But as it’s not working with any other WP table I don’t think that’s where the problem is coming from.

    I might try to reinstall it to see if it solves anything.

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    OK please let me know how you get on. I could add some debug code to a later release to try and identify problems like this. Do you know what version of PHP/MySql your site is running?

    No luck reinstalling it, sadly.

    PHP Version 5.5.3
    MYSQL Support 5.5.37

    Having the same issue – no save or delete button for all tables.

    PHP Version 5.5.1
    MYSQL Support 5.0.11

    Using wp_postmenta table as an example, the structure is

    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS'wp_postmeta' (
      'meta_id' bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
      'post_id' bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      'meta_key' varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
      'meta_value' longtext,
      PRIMARY KEY ('meta_id'),
      KEY 'post_id' ('post_id'),
      KEY 'meta_key' ('meta_key')

    Using error_log in EditAnyTable.php as below

    $primary = $eat_db->get_col_info('unique_key',-1);

    produce results as below

        [0] =>
        [1] =>
        [2] =>
        [3] =>

    Same results when disabled all plugins so unlikely plugin conflict. I think it happened after upgrading to WP v3.9. Tried the plugin on a clean WP 3.8.3 without issue.

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    Could you please try updating to WordPress 3.9.1. and let me know if that solves the issue. Thanks

    Same issue with WP 3.9.1. I narrowed it down to the new lines in /wp-includes/wp-db.php

    } elseif ( version_compare( phpversion(), '5.5', '>=' ) || ! function_exists( 'mysql_connect' ) ) {
    				<strong>$this->use_mysqli = true;</strong>

    Save & Delete buttons shows up again when I set $this->use_mysqli = false.

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    Thanks for your investigative effort. I shall issue a fix soon.

    Plugin Author redeyedmonster


    Can I ask if the primary key is identified when the columns are initially listed before you do a search? As shown here. Thanks.

    Nope. Primary key not identified when $this->use_mysqli = true but shows up when $this->use_mysqli = false.

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    Thanks for your help and patience in resolving this issue. I am working on a fix which should be published by the end of the week.

    Plugin Author redeyedmonster


    Fix Published

    Your plugin is a real timesaver for me 🙂

    Plugin Author redeyedmonster


    No problem, feel free to leave a review 🙂

    We actually ended up doing things differently but thanks for taking your time to fix this (and to create this plugin to begin with). 🙂

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