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  • I installed the free version of this theme to test but quickly ran into a few things I did not like, such as too small a font on the blog. Assuming this might be changeable in the pro version, and willing to buy it if it did, I checked the developer’s website. Documentation on this theme is scant and there is only a short video on the theme’s highlights, so I could not find answers to my questions. Think Up Themes state that they do not offer refunds, so I emailed them before buying. Two days later I got an automated response saying they would get back to me “as soon as possible.”

    I continued experimenting while awaiting their response, and soon encountered what seemed like a huge design flaw: this theme is supposed to be responsive but when I downsized my browser to test, the following errors occurred:

    * the custom header logo does not downsize to fit the browser window
    * in the Homepage Slider, the title continues to appear but is not downsized to scale and so the description no longer appears
    * on the blog page, the sidebars disappear instead of moving to bottom of screen as I have seen on other responsive sites, which renders the sidebars inaccessible on mobile devices

    I put that up on the WP forum with the hope that someone would respond with an explanation or fix, but nothing in four days.

    Worse, I STILL have not heard from the developers regarding my initial pre-sales questions (it’s been about a week now).

    Why do WP theme developers not understand that if you want to grow a proper business, customer service is paramount. If you cannot even answer simple pre-sales questions (like, Can I change the font size in the blog in the pro version?) then what faith can I have that you will answer questions if I upgrade and run into problems?

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  • Theme Author ThinkUpThemes


    Hi Bad_Egg,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. We respond to all pre-sales questions within 48 hours. Please do check your junk mailbox to ensure that the reply wasn’t incorrectly redirected.

    If you can’t find the response please do feel free to message up from our main website here Please include a link to this forum post if you think it’ll be helpful to ensure we can best help you as quickly as possible.


    I check my spam folder each time for inadvertent messages sent there; while I received your automated response, I do not recall seeing an answer to my questions. If you believe this not to be true, then please forward me your original response and I will revise my review.

    In the interim, you cannot expect anyone to believe you respond within 48 hours: it took you a month to respond to my question on your theme’s own forum page, and three weeks before you noticed this 1-star review. There are a multitude of unanswered questions here going back months.

    While I appreciate that paying customers should get priority over non-paying ones here on this forum, I was prepared to BE a paying customer had it not been for your non-responsiveness.

    Theme Author ThinkUpThemes


    Hello Bad_Egg,

    The 48 hours relates to pre-sales questions sent to us from We absolutely do not provide premium support for free themes, so yes, you may well be waiting months for answers here on Support here is provided by a team of volunteers, although we’d love to help everyone, we have to prioritize where we place our efforts (e.g. updates, new features, bug reports, etc…). We do aim to help with absolute urgent issues where a genuine theme issue is identified.

    We provide premium support for our premium members over at and for those support tickets we respond to the vast majority of tickets within 24 hours.

    I’ll be happy to check to see when one of our guys replied to your email. Please can you provide me with your email address and I’ll check. Alternatively, please send us a message from with a link to this forum post. We can then trace the email history from the email you provide when you contact us.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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