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    Hi I installed the ‘no right click images’ plugin here: /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins, on my web host and I can see it on the ‘Manage Plugins’ page of my admin area and I have activated it.

    However its still possible to download the image off the site via alt-click on my Mac (which I assume is the same as right click on a PC), any ideas why its not working?



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  • I can’t say without seeing your site, but I can definitely guess the general problem. An easy way to kill right-clicking is through Javascript, and that’s what your plugin may be doing. That’s how many do it, anyway, and these can easily be thwarted by simply turning off Javascript in your browser. Users don’t know that, so your images may be safe.

    But many, many plugins rely on Javascript, as do many themes. So there could be a conflict somewhere. You could try disabling plugins one by one and see if the right-click thing starts working.

    Hi thanks for that. When you say disabling plugins are you referring to plugins within my blog? Because if so then then are are no others activated at the moment. My site is here if it helps:

    I’m not massively techy so please explain in full! 🙂


    Ah! Having a link is always better. 🙂

    First of all, I looked at your site, and very nice work! Your life must be very interesting! I’ll admit, I’m not really a proponent of all-Flash sites, but it looks very nice, and the photos are great. I’ll have to come back and look again later.

    OK! I think I might have a better handle on what you’re asking. Right-click disabling seems to be working OK! I tried in Safari/Windows, and it works there, too. If it’s not working at all for Mac, I wonder if the fact that your stop-click script is below the rest of the code might be at fault. I realize that this may not be controllable by you.

    I do notice that you can do a regular click on the photo, and when it appears by itself then you can right-click it. Is this the problem you’re referring to? If so, I have an answer for you. When you insert a photo into a page, you have various options, and WP “links” the image by default.

    Try this… edit your page with the photo. Then I would right-click on the photo there, and choose “Edit”. Maybe it’s alt-click for you. Then look for “Link URL”. The file path will be there. Click “None” to take it out. Then save your page. Your photo should be a little safer now. 🙂

    You’ll also generally have a more trouble-free site with fewer plugins, so that’s good!

    Cheers, Dave

    Hi Dave firstly thanks for your kind words I’m glad you like my work. I had someone make the site for me totally in flash so that the images cannot be stolen. It does however have the disadvantage of not being self-updateable by me. In fact its been on my list of chores for some time to replace the site with one I can update as none of my recent work is now represented there.

    Now to the question at hand, I find that with my Mac I can alt-click the image on the blog and it instantly downloads, – not very secure! As you say you can also click the image first and then alt-click it for the same result.

    But…I edited the image as per your instructions and now the problem is solved! Thanks so much! Now (or sometime soon!) I can crack on and write more blog entries which I’ve been putting off for months due to not wanting to put images up which can be easily pilfered.



    Glad to hear it! That should keep your photos safe from all but the most persistent.

    That’s an interesting reason to have an all-Flash site which I hadn’t thought of (protecting images). Maybe someone can indeed hook you up with an updateable site that’s all in Flash… that’s a little above my pay grade, maybe, but I’m sure there are ways to do it. The concept would be something like you would simply upload your photos to a location, and the site would automagically pull in the new ones. And maybe upload to a different folder for a different category, and so on. Could be fun. Just have them address SEO, which Flash developers usually fall short on. 🙂

    Keep up the good work,

    Thanks for the suggestion Dave, I am clueless on the technicalities of web design so its great to have that concept mentioned as a possible option I can consider. A friend also suggested Squarespace as a good option for creating one’s own site tho I have not looked closely enough to find out if any of their options offer flash or not, but perhaps it does not matter too much if I can use the same measures which you have helped me with on my blog to protect images on a HTML based website?


    I’m clueless on (yet amazed by) advanced photography, so I hear you! 🙂

    As far as I know, your photos will be more secure with Flash. Flash will run in a browser, of course, but it’s self-contained, so your images are tucked away in the Flash file, so to speak. Of course, if someone is extremely persistent, they could hack into the Flash itself, using various utilities or Adobe Flash development tools to get at the photos. A Flash person could give you the most up-to-date thoughts on this, but I think this is pretty much true. Would this happen? Probably not enough to worry about at all.

    On a non-Flash site, someone geekie like me can turn off Javascript to re-enable right click (most “stop right click” scripts use that, as it’s pretty easy to code). Yet, you’d foil the vast majority of site visitors from pilfering.

    Nowadays protecting intellectual property is tricky.

    Squarespace looks pretty interesting… I’ve never seen it before. Funny, their CTO has a re-spelled version of my name. 🙂 Features and pricing look very good, especially given that they’re in a very expensive neighborhood (Soho in New York). Importing from WordPress, Typepad, and Moveable Type… sounds impressive.

    Sometimes it’s worth having a hosted system if you’re not super-techie, as they take care of (and most importantly, are on the hook for) updates, installs, and keeping everything working, and depending on the firm, they might (and I say might) be quick and helpful with your tech support questions.

    You could try something I often do with companies I’ve never seen before – I just send them a random question about their stuff, and see what they say. This gives me a sense of whether they care enough to answer emails, and gives a sample of their customer service skills, communication ability, and so on.

    Cheers, Dave

    Hi Dave sorry for late reply. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and advice, most helpful. Meanwhile I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!


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