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    Hello, I installed the no right click plugin and it worked great. However, when WC3 validated my site it said there were errors with no click plugin in regards to html5. I removed the plugin, revalidated and all is weel. The problem is that I still want a no right click plugin. Can anyone recommend one that does not cause html5 problems. Many thanks.

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  • That kind of thing is totally useless and does nothing to prevent people from downloading content from your site. In fact, it only annoys people, including people here who help with sites — right click is a primary means to view the code on a page.

    Here’s a recent thread with some more details:

    Sorry, the website is

    Thank you for your advice, I will have a look. I am new to all this and thought that by having no right click, it would make it difficult for people to download stuff. Thanks to yourself and others that help on this site, I am learning all the time.

    Hi, I have tried some watermark plugins-watermark reloaded, signature watermark and DX. They would not work? Can you suggest a good one for me?

    Yeah, a lot of people are under that impression, but in reality, it’s really easy to download anything that’s online. Watermarking and using low res images is probably the best deterrent.

    I’d actually suggest using a photo imaging program like Photoshop — though there are much cheaper alternatives. Just do a search and you’ll no doubt find a lot of options. Maybe iPhoto has that, if you’re a Mac person — I use Macs, but not iPhoto so not too sure on that.

    I am really lazy and was hoping there was a way of watermarking all of my already uploaded images, rather than starting again? If there isn’t then, I do have Photoshop Elements and could use that.

    I don’t know – there might be a plugin, but personally, I only use plugins when I really need them. If you’ve already looked and not found any that work, then yes, PE is a good option. I know that’s a lot more work — sorry I don’t have a better answer.

    Your answer is great advice. I am making this website for my dad as a surprise and I so want it to be right, so I will get cracking in PE. Thank you so much for all your help.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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