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  • Resolved David M.


    I’ve started trying Postie and nothing at all happens.

    The Test Config screen is alright, it connects to the mailserver and shows the correct number of messages at the bottom.

    But when I manually run the mail check script, nothing happens after the “Checking for mail manually” message shows up. Nothing gets posted. Emails are not deleted. No debug file has appeared in wp-content yet (yes, I changed wp-config.php as recommended).

    All this happens both with POP3 and IMAP. I’m on multisite.

    What can I do? Thanks!

    UPDATE: I created a debug.log file and chmod 666 it. Then I run the script with debug. Nothing got written to that file.

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  • The info from Test Config is this:

    Postie Configuration Test
    Postie Version: 1.5.19
    WordPres Version: 3.9
    PHP Version: 5.3.3-7+squeeze9
    OS: Linux 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Sun May 6 04:00:17 UTC 2012 x86_64
    Debug mode: On
    Time: 2014-05-02 11:31:09 GMT
    Error log: /home/******.com/php_errors.log
    Postie is in /usr/home/*******.com/web/web/wp-content/plugins/postie
    Cron: On
    Alternate Cron: Off
    iconv: installed
    imap: installed
    mbstring: installed
    Clock Tests
    This shows what time it would be if you posted right now
    post date: 2014-05-02 13:31:09 / 2014-05-02 11:31:09
    Post time: 2014-05-02 13:31:09
    Connect to Mail Host
    imap: connection string - {imap.*******.com:143/service=imap/notls/novalidate-cert}
    imap: disabling GSSAPI
    imap: connected
    Successful IMAP connection on port 143
    stdClass Object
        [flags] => 31
        [messages] => 2
        [recent] => 0
        [unseen] => 2
        [uidnext] => 3
        [uidvalidity] => 1398969906
    # of waiting messages: 2
    imap: closing connection

    (The php-error.log file has nothing related to Postie)

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    How about if you click Run Postie Debug?

    I thought it was implied that I was doing exactly that.

    After some time, I found out that Postie eventually works and posts stuff… but not when running the script manually, and the debug option has given me no debug that I could find. The manual run is expected to create posts, isn’t it?

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Yes the manual run is no different than a cron based run.

    Are you getting any info in your debug logs? How about the error log?

    There have been reports of the debug output not working, but since Test Config is working it seems like a different issue.

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