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  • This developer acts like they are big players, have github but when it comes to issues you get blame game, therefore I recommend
    1. Don’t purchase a theme that uses it you will waste your investment
    2. Don’t rely on it for fixes
    3. It violate GDPR so people doing business in EU avoid
    4. Don’t use if you need SSL it Cant handle SSL because it serves mixed content
    5. Can’t use as staging – because it uses custom guid’s and fields to store data in unconventional wordpress ways
    6. Don’t rely on it to keep wordpress codex standards
    the list goes on, just avoid it like the plague you will be better off

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  • Plugin Author Unyson


    I made an analysis of the issues that you opened and I think you’re totally wrong about your recommended points.
    First of all Unyson plugin doesn’t violate GDPR rules this is strange that you think so because almost a 150.000+ users use it and nobody has problems with GDPR this is very strange. I found your issue open on GitHub related to this problem but this was solved and closed. I have to mention that this was done without asking for a cent, although the developer who made money on the product purchased by you could solve this problem very easily.

    About your 5,6 points, on GitHub, unyson has an entire community of developers, designers, business people who use Unyson in their projects which are often very large projects; so they always follow what changes are made in the wordpress core code/documentation. Can you open an issue on GitHub with links(from the wordpress codex), and snippets of code which prove that we are not respecting the wordpress codex, if there are, then we will fix them.
    About the urls in the database I see you were very frustrated because you think they are wrongly saved, I don’t know how to explain to you that this is not wrong. Maybe these articles will help you understand that you are mistaken:

    1. Stack


    3. Stackoverflow

    and so on….

    Ok, let say you are right with urls. In this case in the database along with url is saved also and the attachment id(and other settings), so you can use and standard functions from wordpress: wp_get_attachment_url( $id ); wp_get_attachment_image_src( $attachment_id ), etc. or you can use the unyson function fw_resize( attachment_id, $width, $height, true ) that thanks to you we have improved it, what I mean is unyson in some good hands of developer becomes a very powerful tool you have url and also the attachement id and in the views you can use what you want(depends on thoughts and knowledge of the developer of the theme).

    We are very sad to know that we work without asking for a cent and we get so bad review instead of thanks and encouragement.

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