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  • Resolved sebastianbeckers


    Hi there!
    First of all: great plugin!

    Is it possible to disable the input to the media library? And/or disable the resize of pics?

    I just need a plain upload to collect pictures of other people and download them, but like this my WP makes 5 copies in different sizes and adds the pictures to the media library… It creates all the sizes needed for my theme I think, and it makes my library get really full.

    Thanks for the help in advance!

    Best regards,

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  • Plugin Author dholloran


    Yeah it would be possible. I haven’t gotten around to creating a settings page or hooks or anything so you’d have to do it manually. I’m writing this without testing it but you should be able to set line 41, I think, in classes/class-wp-file-upload-handler.php. The line should be $attachment = $this->add_attachment( $movefile[‘url’], $movefile[‘file’] ); and you can change it to attachment = 0; and it should only upload the file. I’ll add this to my issues to add a settings page with this on it. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your fast reply!
    It partly worked, it doesnt resize anymore (which was my most important concern), but still it adds the image to the media library as an entry like this:

    (no title)

    And, since the resized images dont exist anymore, it of course does not have any preview. Any idea how to solve this?


    Ooops sorry!

    This entry was caused by an old upload. Didnt watch the date.
    So it works, TOPIC SOLVED!

    Great work man! Thank you so much!
    If you extend this plugin by a settings page it will be really great!

    Good, was what i needed too, a config page would be really great to this sort of changes we make will be saved at next update of your pluggin 🙂

    Just a question, how to change the directory where the files are uploaded ? would be great to be able to put them in a files or tmp dir in uploads

    Thanks in advance

    Plugin Author dholloran


    Yeah definitely the settings and alternate upload directory are tops on the issue list I just have not had the extra time to build them.

    Thanks for the plugin, and thanks for this post! Simple fix for something that I didn’t want (modifying line 41 of what is now called class-wpmfu-file-upload-handler.php).

    And in case anyone gets here looking on how to change the upload directory, I simply used a symlink (command ln -s on Ubuntu) as a workaround.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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