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  • When you send a contact form information, it’s common to reply to the user just clicking in reply at your email client, but this header is not set automatically and there is no option on the interface. Why not implement this?

    To make it working I used your hook, it’s simple, but it could be default.

    add_filter( 'af/form/email/headers', function( $headers, $email, $form, $fields ) {
    	foreach($headers as $header) {
    		if(strstr($header, 'From:'))
    			$headers[] = str_replace('From:', 'Reply-to:', $header);
    	return $headers;
    }, 10, 4 );
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  • Plugin Author fabianlindfors


    I’ve been careful to not include to many settings in the admin interface, trying to keep it simple and clear. I’ll consider adding reply-to as a field though if it becomes a common request.

    Thanks for reaching out!


    I understand your care about the UI, but I’m sure this feature is very useful because I uselly implement Gravityforms to build a contact form and when I forget about the reply action, the client calls me to tell that the form is not working as expected. Because the client just click on Reply on his mail app and write the message, they even check if the email inside the field “To” is the email address from the person who wrote that message.

    I’m suggesting this idea to implement the feature. You can write your own field to make it possible, saving the data inside an array or just redirecting to its own meta data.

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    Plugin Author fabianlindfors


    I see what you mean!

    If I’m not mistaken if there isn’t a Reply-To header in an email any reply will be automatically sent to the From header. Hence adding such an option would be a bit redundant. I’m not sure if all email clients work this way but it is part of the original email standard, you can check it out in section 4.4.4 here:

    Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll consider adding it!

    This wouldn’t be redundant.
    The normal use case is a contact form. It’s good practice to use an e-mail address which has the same domain as your website to send the contact form.

    That means the “From” field is filled with something like “” and you would also answer to this mail address if you click on “reply” in every email client. That’s the reason why you should add the user’s mail address to the “Reply-To” field. So if you click “reply” your answer would send automatically to the user’s mail address.

    Plugin Author fabianlindfors


    Redundant was in response to the feature request of a field which would set the “Reply-To” header to the same value as the “From” header. Check out Edir’s last reply.

    Having a separate field for entering a reply-to header would certainly not be redundant and it’s something I’m considering. I’m very careful not to clutter the admin interface though so for now the reply-to field can only be set using a filter. Hope that works!

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