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    I have newest versions of WP, Atahualpa, & Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering.

    Everything almost works perfectly, and I’ve referenced other people’s work enough to get this far. The problem is, there is no reply link for each comment. I thought maybe it was just a cramped table but upon viewing source there is no Reply link inside the reply div tag.

    <div class="reply"> THERE IS NO CODE INSIDE THIS...

    You may view website example directly here: Abes Techno Song Comments

    I’ve reworked the comments.php in Atahualpa to this so far:
    comments.php pastebin

    How can I go about getting a Reply link that functions for each comment posted into this setup?

    Thanks very much!

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  • It’s using a callback function gtcn_basic_callback to display comments. Who ever wrote that function may have left out the reply link.

    Find gtcn_basic_callback and add the following line where you would like the link to be:

    comment_reply_link(array_merge( $args, array('reply_text' => 'Reply', 'add_below' => 'comment', 'depth' => $depth, 'max_depth' => $args['max_depth'])));

    Hello, and thank you Joseph. 🙂

    It did have this on line 320 of gtcn.php
    <?php comment_reply_link(array_merge( $args, array('depth' => $depth, 'max_depth' => $args['max_depth']))) ?>
    Whoever wrote this extremely functional comments script left out more semi-colons in their php than I could believe. As soon as I read what you said I knew I was at least on the right track, but everything is there, sort of…

    I replaced it as you said just in case your version would fix it(line 320).

    I’m assuming this comments script is a little out of date, but I would really like to make it work. If I can fix it I will send Greg (that plugin dev) the version we came up with.

    I haven’t done much direct WordPress PHP tweaking yet, but I’m starting to catch on. I feel like whatever the problem is must be something really simple that I’m overlooking but I’ve spent a solid 12-14 hours on this over the last few nights, debugging and referencing WordPress on the callback functions and such but everywhere I look in the scripting things ‘appear’ to me to be set up so that the comments would work like I’m expecting…

    Wow, I knew I was missing something.

    Since WP 2.7 Threaded Comments are supported. I was using a plugin that does that, and a few other things. The plugin seems to have broken since the support of threaded comments.

    I had known WP 2.7 supported it, but hadn’t seen it in options anywhere. Luckily before anyone else started digging through my code I can point out something that may help anyone who EVER tried Greg’s Threaded Comments Numbering WordPress plugin:

    Go to dashboard->settings->discuession->Other comment settings and check off ‘Enable threaded (nested) comments __ levels deep’ Thanks to JuggleDad’s post over on BytesForAll.

    As soon as I went in and deleted my own modifications, turned off the GTCN plugin and hopped into The dashboard -> discuession settings it works like a charm!

    The line I wrote only has two extra element in the array. 'reply_text' => 'Reply' to set the text for the link and 'add_below' => 'comment' to specify where to move the comment form when the link is clicked. For this particular setting, the comment form is placed after the element with an id of comment-{comment_id}.

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