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    Is there any relation between the plugin linked to below and this one?

    Curious choice of name otherwise.. None of my business at the end of the day, but from what I can tell this plugin is brand new and extremely basic, while the established one is very powerful and offers a lot more functionality than just editing titles and stuff on the front end.

    I’m not trying to start a flame, although I can’t help adding my opinion that the name of this little plugin detracts from the spirit of open source development where others have put a lot of work into creating a plugin already, and the name is same, and is for use in the same 3rd party framework.

    Why cause confusion between the two things when they are not built for the same purpose or functionality?

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  • I think you may have missed the origins of this plugin. It comes from this:

    The original author did not have the time to update it to Beaver Builder V2.0

    The plugin you are talking about also initially used Thierry’s work.

    Personally I think the names for both are confusing. but I think Jack was truly honouring the spirit of open source in making an abandoned tool work for people like me who missed it. He acknowledges the source clearly.

    Plugin Author Krielkip


    Hey @gecko_guy,

    Thanks for your reply. There is no relation between the Beaverplugins ACF Toolbox and this one.

    The Toolbox made by Beaverplugins allows you to quickly and consistently add your Advanced Custom Fields in your Beaver Builder layout.
    While this plugin is build for updating fields of the page / post. This plugin is a update of the 1.x version of BB. (as @waumsley said)
    The name of that plugin stated “Beaver Builder Toolbox”, so i shorted it “BB-Toolbox”, see the credits on the index.

    I am not an user of ACF, so i don’t look at the plugins that extend BB & ACF. So i was not aware of the name of that plugin. Also because it is not found on this forum or not told to me on the slack of BB :).

    What i can do if more people start being confussed about the naming, add small extra description on the page. But this plugin does not add any thing to acf and the other plugin does edit something on the core settings of a page (correct me if i am wrong 🙂 )

    But @badabingbreda is also active on the forums. Maybe he can say his thoughts also :).

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    Sorry to chime in again, but…

    A couple of times in the Beaver Builder Facebook group when talking about Beaver Themer I have heard “Toolbox” when “Toolset” (formally WP-types and views) is meant.

    I think the name is a tricky one. I guessed Thierry Pigot’s plan with the name was to build his in to a fuller product for BB.

    Personally, I would like the button name (on the BB toolbar) for this plugin described the setting instead. (but I thought it would be too cheeky to ask for so much).

    I’m not sure that Toolbox is helping @badabingbreda. It is kinda descriptive, but only if an ACF user.

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    No problem to reply. Making a product better, is also talking about making changes.
    Maybe the button on the page needs to be Settings or Page / Post Config.

    But changing the button name is no probelem @waumsley, this week i want to update the plugin to version 1.0.2 to add a new field :).

    BadabingBreda is the creator of ACF Toolbox.

    Many thanks Jack. My clients will use it most of all and almost only for SEO. I don’t know if SEO/Page config or settings would work in the space? Not sure at all.

    Yes, I know BadabingBreda is Didou Schol. I have not yet had proper time to play with his Toolbox, but it’s clever work.

    Hi, let me assure you that the confusion was not intentional. I was looking for a short, to the point name for my plugin and I was adding more tools and things to it along the way the name seemed fitting.
    I hadn’t even made the connection to Tool*set* until I had released the first version. If you’ve ever tried releasing something, then you know that changing names at the very last minute or even after that is not a pleasant thought.

    If that’s any consolation, I have planned a name change in the not so distant future that should probably take away some of that confusion.

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry to throw the cat in amongst the pigeons! As I said, it is not my intention to create friction, and we can all agree that the contributions to the open source software market is hugely appreciated by anyone using the tools.

    Clearly there was no competitive angle intended by anyone here, and I guess it was inevitable that there might be name crossover at some point since “Toolbox” is such a descriptive name for plugins that extend the functionality of other tools.

    Personally I want everyone to have the best chance of promoting their software without confusion caused by naming conventions, so I think the question I asked has served its purpose. Nice to see everyone talking about it, thanks for giving it your thought and feedback.

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