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  • I’m trying to get Wasabi’s related posts plugin working. And/or the one that comes with Ultimate Tag Warrior. (Hoping that one of them might work.)

    On both, I’m getting “no related posts.” This is even on posts that I know have tons of related content and/or tons of related tags.

    Because the tag cloud works in the archives, I know that Ultimate Tag Warrior is up and working.

    A wrinkle: The problems started when I upgraded K2. (Also posting over there.)

    Any ideas? Anyone had a similar problem?

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  • I am having problems with the Wasabi plug-in as well. I think one of the problems is that it seems no one knows how to actually trouble-shoot it, just how to install it. I am getting 2 different results from my searches; 1. Hey it works great! I love it. and 2. I cant get it to work, please help.

    In the case of #2 the ‘please help’ portion is followed by a deafening cyber-silence.

    In addition Wasabi is not being supported by the author of the plugin, which really sucks as I just recently saw it in the number 2 slot of favorite plugins. It is really frustrating to see that its a do-or-die situation. Either it works, or it doesn’t.

    I am refreshing the following link during the day to see if I get any takers on the topic.

    I understand your frustration… but, please, don’t post in three-four topics about the same. As you’ve learned: it either works or not.
    You can expect help only from people who use the plugin – which means we, the rest of the world, will be in deafening silence.
    Furthermore, if an author abandons his/her plugin, there is nothing we can do about it. Except picking up the development – if we have the required skills. I don’t.

    That is fine and well. However when researching a problem, I often fine (as in this case) that there are something like 50 threads all asking the same question about Wasabi.

    I am a conscientious poster, in that I will try to post to as many threads as possible and link back to ONE thread in an attempt to direct other readers to a single thread, so that if we achieve or get help, everyone can follow the tracks and get help they need.

    In 50 posts, people may only be watching the 2 or 3 they are trying to get help in, therefore I ‘chain’ my posts together, AND when I get a solution, I post it in the appropriate area. Note I did not start the threads, I am just trying to get some cohesiveness between them for others.

    I honestly did not mean any kind of accusation towards the moderators as far as support for the wasabi plugin. I was under the assumption that this was a USER forum, and my plea was for the USERS of the plugin, not towards moderators who do not. If you do not use the plugin, I would expect you to not post at all.

    As before, *sigh* I am pasting the link I am trying to chain to, in an effort to keep this topic as centralized as possible.

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