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    Hi Mitch, I’ve installed your plugin after realising the Wp 2.3 Related Posts plugin was giving me this “No Related Posts” message even with posts that were sharing very common tags in my blog.
    Let me tell you I think your plugin rocks, but I’m saying that only from what I saw in the options page, because it is giving the same wrong message that there are “No Related Posts”… Do I have to update my database as it was required with the previous “related posts” plugin? I did not want to do it and run the risk of messing thing even worse.

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  • @dkatzman Thanks for trying out YARPP! Two things:

    1. Most likely you have “no related posts” right now as the default “match threshold” is too high. Here’s what I recommend to find an appropriate match threshold: first, lower your match threshold in the YARPP prefs to something ridiculously low, like 1 or 0.5. Make sure the last option “show admins the match scores” is on. Most likely the really low threshold will pull up many posts that aren’t actually related (false positives), so look at some of your posts’ related posts and their match scores. This will help you find an appropriate threshold. You want it lower than what you have now, but high enough so it doesn’t have many false positives.

    2. YARPP currently doesn’t use tags to compare posts—it uses the actual content of the posts. Tag comparison as part of the “relatedness algorithm” will come soon but, in the mean time, I’ve found the current algorithm to work very well for many situations.

    Let me know if you have any other problems! I hope this is helpful!


    Thanks a bunch, Mitcho! That did it 🙂



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