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  • If you have posts that are related, perhaps the issue is that YARPP doesn’t consider them related “enough.” You can fix this by going to the YARPP settings page, clicking on “Screen options” in the upper right, and checking the box for “Relatedness” options.” You will then be able to select a lower match threshold to make more posts show up as related.

    If you don’t yet have any posts that are related to each other, “no related posts” is what will show. You can fix this by going into settings, and deleting everything in the box that says, “Default display if no results:”. That way, related posts will show once you have them, but nothing will show for a post that doesn’t have related posts.

    I get exactly the same behavior, no related posts after upgrading to 4.0.6.

    Using a custom template. Everything worked find up to 4.0.5

    I’ve installed YARP 4.0.6 and the related posts doesn’t shows the image of the posts.
    It only shows the default image configured on YARP settings…
    Is this a bug?

    As CarolWP said, lowering the “match threshold” is the first step to seeing if YARPP is just being too picky.

    @titanas I’ve replied elsewhere. Let’s keep your discussion there.

    @argie01 as for images, do the posts that are being linked to have featured images set?

    I’ve had lots of problems lately with YARPP. My site was built fresh on a WP 3.5.1 installation, and uses only Custom posts (no regular posts). I couldn’t get and related posts from YARPP to shop up anywhere, so I reverted to a previous version of the plugin (3.5.1), added “yarpp_support => true” in my custom post declaration, and to display the related posts I call the plugin with yarpp_related(array( 'post_type' => array('product'), )); in the content-single.php page.

    That way it works. Hope this helps somebody!

    @rico, I’d be curious to know what kinds of issues you had with the latest versions of YARPP, particularly around custom post types. Were these errors that displayed or just not being able to get the same results, or any results? If you could describe these issues (maybe in another thread) I’d love to help resolve them. Thanks!

    Hi Michael and thanks for your dedication!

    I had the latest yarpp installed (v4) and I would get the «no related posts» message. I tried just about every setting with the same result (I think iirc that there was only 1 yarpp table in the database instead of 2). I should have had results since some posts (all cpt, no regular posts) had common words in titles, or body, or both.

    Hope this helps. — Rico

    @rico: have you tried lowering your match threshold, as discussed above in this thread?

    Yes Michael, I read the thread. I see my threshold is set to 4 now (using version 3.5), but I’m pretty sure I had it set to 1 when I did all the tests with yarpp version 4. The other settings are consider titles, bodies, and the two custom tags I have for my custom post type. I’ll test again to be sure. Thanks.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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