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  • I just have installed newest version of plugin. I added new post with title similar to titles of 21 other posts (it is test XX, where XX is number :)). Posts have the same category and similar titles. But only thing I see is No related posts.

    So which posts are related?

    When I have ‘Automatically display related posts’ checked There is nothing on my site. So I needed to add <?php related_posts();?> in my theme single post view…

    Please help me to fix and/or understand how YARPP works

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  • Hi guys, has anyone found a solution to the mysterious “no related posts” problem – even though relatedness is set to max?

    Also has anyone heard from the author Michael on this? I see his last response here was 2 months ago.


    Hi Mitcho.

    I read this entire thread and decided to do some very thorough debugging following the questions you’ve asked people above. to help get to the bottom of this bug.

    Problem is the “no related posts” message showing randomly on various posts.
    However, there are MANY related posts for each post.

    I’m familiar with the YARPP threshold settings, been using YARPP for maybe 3 years. I never saw this message before until the last YARPP update.

    What is more strange – is that when I edit a post that shows “no related posts” – just click “update” without making any changes – suddenly it shows me a list of related posts for it. However, suddenly other random posts that DID show related posts previously are showing “no related posts”.

    Also any tweaks I make to the YARPP settings, it seems to clear the cache, and this time some other random list of posts does not show related posts… it seems to be an odd moving target.

    Per your debugging higher in this thread, I download YARPP experiments and have run tests with Dingus.

    ** Good news – I can completely duplicate the problem with Dingus that is happening on the site. any posts on the site that show “no related posts” have a weird result in Dingus too – they just show the query time – no results, no “bypass cache”, nothing.

    See the following thorough test example – complete with screenshots.

    Default Dingus settings – like YARPP is set up – note the query time shows, but NO RESULTS ACTUALLY SHOW:

    If I change Pretty Much Any Parameters, you’ll see results. Examples:

    1.) increased threshold from 4 to 5 – see results –

    2.) lower threshold from 5 to 3 (lower than original 4) – see results –

    3.) restore threshold to original number (4) – again no results show –

    4.) change “show_pass_post” from true to false – results show fine (this should have no impact) –

    5.) restored “show_pass_post” to default, and changed “show past only” to true (should NOT show extra results when I enable this lol) – but it shows results fine now –

    So there is something that is misfiring in the code and just not bringing back results for articles that DO HAVE related posts.

    This is not impacting all posts, only some of them, and it seems totally random.

    Every time I go into YARPP settings and tweak a setting (lower or raise the threshold), or any other setting – i start browsing the site and every time there’s a different series of articles that show no related posts. EVEN THOUGH THEY ALL SHOULD SHOW RELATED POSTS.

    Just to emphasize, this site has over 3000 articles, and until this latest upgrade, I never, ever saw this “no related posts” message anywhere sitewide before updating the YARPP plugin last week to 3.5.1.

    Suggestions? ideas?

    I’m happy to try any settings or updates or whatever to help debug this. Please advise.


    P.S. Site config stats:
    – YARPP 3.5.1, latest WordPress – MultiSite same config on 2 sites having this issue.
    – One site has over 3000 posts, the other has around 200 posts.
    – Ran WP-Optimize, cleaned previous post versions, optimized tables, etc.
    – PLENTY of CPU and server resources, running on a high end VPS.



    Just another vote to fix this plugin.

    I have the same issue, tried the experiment plugin and with threshold=1 it gets some posts but never the most related one….I have two posts with almost the same title (also same tag) and only the most recent post get the older one as related…
    it’s not bidirectional



    I am new to blogging with wordpress and also having problems with the plugin. It doesn’t show any related posts.

    I had tested adding similar tags across different posts and similar titles. Did the tests as mention by some guys above with the threshold and still nothing.

    here’s 2 of the urls that i did the above and it still shows a no related posts in each of them.

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