No related posts.

  • I just have installed newest version of plugin. I added new post with title similar to titles of 21 other posts (it is test XX, where XX is number :)). Posts have the same category and similar titles. But only thing I see is No related posts.

    So which posts are related?

    When I have ‘Automatically display related posts’ checked There is nothing on my site. So I needed to add <?php related_posts();?> in my theme single post view…

    Please help me to fix and/or understand how YARPP works

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  • FreeBosh


    Disregard this post, everything is working… just had to wait a bit.

    @emilianogh note that YARPP doesn’t yet support custom post types.

    @ponolan please try the latest YARPP beta, which will be 3.4RC1 by the time you read this.

    Same problem here on one of my site…

    I installed 3?4RC1 and YARPP experiments.

    Flushed the cache, rebuilt it… still nothing…

    Cache status:

    Cached: 100%

    Cache type: custom tables

    Number related:

    Generation dates:

    Score (among those related): avg 0, sd 0

    @nicosfr what post type are these items (posts, pages)? what relatedness criteria are you using? did you try lowering the match threshold?

    It is posts…
    I put the treshold was 5. I lowered it to two… same result:

    Cache type: custom tables

    Number related:

    Generation dates:

    Score (among those related): avg 0, sd 0

    Question: Is the treshold number similar to the score number ? What is the range of the treshold value ?

    @nicosfr: and what is your “relatedness” criteria?

    As I’m working on a french translation, sorry if it is not the exact terms, here are the settings:

    Title: Important
    Content: yes
    Tags: at least one tag
    Category: at least one category

    I’ll try to change those settings, but there is a lot of content on the website, and I’m pretty sure I should get related results as I have used the plugin for quite some time now on various websites…

    Thank you for the quick answer !

    Hi all,

    Are you not getting results (or always getting the same results) and calling related_posts() directly instead of using the “automatic display” feature? Try this beta:


    Installed the beta. Tried both method. Still getting no results…

    I’ll try to uninstall the plugin, clear the plugin’s database and reinstall… I’ll keep you updated

    No luck, still no results… even by setting the treshold to 1… 🙁

    Im getting the same, “no related posts” also the plugin options page doesnt seem to work, I only have the display options visible and now one of them is shut and the toggle to open them does not work! Tested in latest FF and IE9!

    I have v3.4.1 of the plugin

    @the1path that may be a general bug in WordPress 3.3… try installing the WordPress HotFix plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hotfix/

    I am having the same issue as the1path.

    I updated to WordPress 3.3 yesterday, installed the Hotfix, newest version of YARPP and YARPP experiments, to no avail.

    I have over 2,000 posts that are all related in content and used to have no problem at all with a match threshold of 3. I’ve tried playing with the settings and it seems like this plugin simply doesn’t work with 3.3.

    According to hotfix plugin page it only fixes upto 3.2

    This may be useless info but my server was on PHP 5.2 with this problem so I just upgraded to PHP 5.3 and still have the problem. I agree with Iridoz, seems to be a plugin issue as other plugins that uses toggles work fine.

    @iridox do you seem to be missing settings vital for YARPP to work? I only have display settings, none of the settings that determine the relation scoring are present!

    @iridox, @the1path, thanks for the update. If the toggles aren’t working, it may be a javascript error. Can you see if there are any errors in your browser’s error console?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 94 total)
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