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  • I just have installed newest version of plugin. I added new post with title similar to titles of 21 other posts (it is test XX, where XX is number :)). Posts have the same category and similar titles. But only thing I see is No related posts.

    So which posts are related?

    When I have ‘Automatically display related posts’ checked There is nothing on my site. So I needed to add <?php related_posts();?> in my theme single post view…

    Please help me to fix and/or understand how YARPP works

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  • I have exactly the same problem. There are 200 pages on my site, each a VERY high-quality spin of a core article, so the “genetic” similarity should throw up my max setting of 10 related posts for every post. But so far I get either none (most common) or one only.

    How can I encourage related posts to show up?

    me too, I want to be able to change the threshold. I miss that feature that was available in older versions…

    @dhiti, spam on the forums is not appreciated. You’ve left the exact same message elsewhere as well.

    @fassefnia and others: you can show the “Relatedness” options again by going to the “Screen Options” tab at the top of the options screen.

    Hey Mitcho!

    Thanks again for the app, it’s a great one.

    Just looking at the wp_yarpp_keyword_cache table… All of my PAGES are listing without any body keywords. They are only pulling the title.

    This means that they all come up blank for related posts. I have flushed the cache and it is definitely rebuilding like that intentionally.

    In keywords.php you’ve got the function post_body_keywords… Is this why it’s not working for pages? Because you’re calling get_posts to get the body content? (I couldn’t find any reference to pages in addition to this function).

    Thanks very much!

    @joshpugh Ah! You’re totally correct! Keywords aren’t computed for pages right now! I just fixed this (it was one line) so I’m pushing a new version, 3.3.3b2, now. This link should work in a bit:



    I downloaded 3.3.3 today put in threshold of 1 (even tried zero) and still “No related posts”. Everything else default values. Still in testing mode on the site and only ten or so posts all with similar tags and content. Any other steps I am missing in set up?

    I suggest you wait until you get some more content. If you see “related posts” in the post edit screen but not on the website, though, let me know (in another thread).

    Jim Walczak


    I upgraded to 3.4b8 – and now I get No Related posts.

    I uninstalled 3.4b8 – re-installed 3.3.3 – flushed cache – still no related


    PS – I back to 3.4b8

    thanks in advance



    no related for me as well



    no related posts too.

    To all of you showing no related posts: I’d like to diagnose this issue. Please try the following:

    1. Install the lastest YARPP beta and YARPP Experiments and activate them.

    2. Go to YARPP settings. Flush the cache (there’s a button for this if YARPP Experiments is installed). Do not press “build cache now.”

    3. Let it run on your site normally for a few days. If you create or modify content during that time too, that’s fine.

    4. Post or email me (, x=mitcho) the info that shows up in the YARPP Cache Stats meta box. It looks like this:

    Also a screenshot of your Relatedness options, and info on how you’re displaying results (via “automatic display” or widget or function call; RSS or web; custom template or not). This will help me diagnose your particular issue and help me squash these issues once and for all. Thank you!



    Hi mitcho.
    Thanks for the support and great plugin. I tried to install yarpp-experiments and I’m getting error .

    ntexm, sorry, I used a PHP 5.3 feature in that version. Here’s the latest dev version which fixes that issue:



    hi, im new to all of this, but anyways, im getting the same error..
    im using the theme, which adds custom post types.. not sure if thats the problem or if its something else..




    I’m running 3.3.3 on WordPress 3.2.1 with MistyLook 3.7.2. I noticed recently (haven’t been blogging for a while) that YARP had stopped working. I’ve no idea when it broke, sorry.

    Yesterday I fixed a lot of broken links (about 80). Then, rather unexpectedly, YARP was working this morning. I then edited a post and saved it and, presto, no more related posts (nothing displayed, as if the plugin was not installed). Back to the status quo ante.

    PHP is 5.2.14
    MySQL is 5.1.54

    Match threshold is 2, changing it to 1 doesn’t change anything. Results are displayed automatically. I will email a screen grab of the options.

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