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  • Hi!
    I’m a bit annoyed. Although I’ve read the faq’s many times and I’m not a bloody beginner, I don’t get it to run.
    Why do I get those alerts in debug-info?

    No registered filters for wp_handle_upload
    No registered filters for wp_get_attachment_thumb_file
    Registered filters for wp_handle_upload_prefilter
    No registered filters for wp_handle_sideload_prefilter
    No registered filters for pre_move_uploaded_file`

    Do I have to put these filters in my functions.php first?
    My eMails are posted only with tmptitle und tmptxt. Category, subject, text and images are completely irgnored.
    Is there a detailed documentation about useable tags and shortcuts and where to place them in the email-text?

    I’m using the following plugins:
    acf-field-for-contact-form-7/acf-field-for-contact-form-7.php => 1.6
    advanced-custom-fields/acf.php => 5.9.6
    cf7-grid-layout/cf7-grid-layout.php => 4.10.0
    smtp-mailer/main.php => 1.1.2
    with twenty-twentyone-template

    My purpose is to use postie with a cf4-form and post the retrieved data for a closed usergroup.


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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Most of the stuff is there for support/debug purposes. Specifically the section you’re asking about is reporting if any filters are registered which I use to determine if some other plugin could be affecting how Postie works. Essentially you can just ignore it.

    >My eMails are posted only with tmptitle und tmptxt

    This sounds like the “from” email address in the email is not a valid user with posting permissions in your WordPress. The “tmptitle” post is a bug that I need to fix.

    You can test this by turning on “Allow Anyone To Post Via Email”

    Thread Starter zeichenstrom


    Thanks for your reply.
    You are right, tmptitle/txt appears since I’ve unchecked “Allow Anyone To Post Via Email”. Before this, the posts were just empty with “News from the field”-Headline.
    Once, I deactivated every plugin, but that did not change the result.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Are you using cUrl connections or Sockets? Sockets are preferred and cUrl sometimes gives results like you’re seeing.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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