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    I wasn’t aware that the Lite version of Hotel Booking existed. I purchased the Pro version after chatting with Motopress support, but then found it way too complex for my clients needs. When I requested a cancellation after making this honest mistake Motopress greedily hid behind their terms and conditions and refused point-blank to provide a refund.

    Motopress are very helpful unless you buy the Pro version then request a refund, in which case they will come up with every argument in the book, but they will not refund you.

    Do not buy the Pro version without FULLY TESTING the Lite version.

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    @motopress While a refund conversation cannot happen here (that’s not allowed or permitted) this review is feedback. The review stays and is not report worthy.

    Your plugin upsells on this site on your plugin page. You invited all reviews about the “pro” version here when you did that. You don’t get that advertisement here without that.

    If you like, reply well (emphasis on the well, if you argue that’d be bad) and I will close the topic right afterwards. Refund topics, like “pro” support is not for these forums.

    *Drinks coffee*

    Though reviews are fine. Just not support topics for the “pro” version.

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