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  • Hi Friends,

    i would like to point out that recurring payments are not possible with german PayPal Accounts – no matter of you use the s2member free or pro version.

    I desperately tried to get this working (with the pro version), no success. Then the PayPal merchant support hotline confirmed that recurring payments are not possible. PayPal uses the classic API in Germany, that’s the reason why recurring payments are not working.

    Moreover, keep in mind that all the US based PayPal developer sites are useless for german PayPal Accounts. Forget REST APIs, forget Sandbox Accounts, they do not work for german PayPal Accounts. You can use the sandbox mode that is offered in the german PayPal profile.

    I would like to discuss this with other users from germany. How did you cope with that problem? Do you use one time charges instead? I guess the best way how to cope with it are one time charges and EOT notifications as described here:

    Feedback would be very much appreciated!


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  • Hello omtr,
    I also asked Paypal Germany, but unfortunately do not give any concrete response. I use currently the Pro-Form Buy Now. But of course you cannot automate very well the proces. I think the EOT notifications is a good temporary solution.

    Best Regards

    I remember their site stating that PayPal Standard and Express Checkout are available worldwide. And both of those support subscriptions (recurring payments). Are they not?

    > PayPal uses the classic API in Germany

    Are you talking about PayPal Pro? s2Member supports the PayPal Pro API, so it should work. Or is the German PayPal Pro API different from the U.S. one, do you know if that’s the case?

    Hi Cristián,

    I’m talking about Paypal Express Checkout. I received this response from Paypal Germany last week.

    … Thank you for your interest in subscription services that you want to achieve through PayPal. A corresponding function, we can not provide for the German market currently.

    Maybe They have legal problems with this option.

    Maybe They have legal problems with this option.

    Nah, i don’t think that. I think PayPal is simply a company that sucks. They suck at customer service, they suck at merchant service, they suck at developer service. They act like most company that own a de facto monopoly: They suck, and they don’t care.

    @carfis Ah, that’s too bad. They should update their site about it… But they’re so inconsistent between products and countries.

    Would another of the payment gateways supported be available in Germany? Also, we’re working on the Stripe integration, not sure if that’s there.

    Hi Cristián,
    That is a good news ;). I hope that this payment gateway will be included soon

    Hi Cristian, I connected Stripe with my S2member and it works great.
    thank you very much for your tip

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