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    I really like the Jetpack contact form, but I can´t use it because Akismet is not able to filter off the dozens of spam messages I get every day. I tried all the free plugins out there but none of them work with Jetpack forms anymore. Do I have to go back to Contact Form 7?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Is Akismet currently active on your site? If so, you should see those spam entries going into the Feedback > Spam section of your Dashboard, not your email or the main Feedback section.

    If that is what you’re seeing, then Akismet is working properly. Entries there are automatically deleted once they reach 15 days in age.

    If spam items are getting through, please mark them as Spam in the Feedback section. Akismet is based on a learning engine, so the more spam you “feed” it, the better it will be.

    We do not currently support reCAPTCHA, or any CAPTCHA, for our contact forms.

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    Hello James, thanks for your fast response, I understand now a bit better how Akismet works.

    I do have Akismet active, and it does work properly because many messages get to the Spam folder without me noticing them. But it does not detect many others, and I get them on my email every day.

    I can’t understand why storing hundreds of Spam messages for 15 days is better idea than preventing the Spam sender to post them in the first place. Also, the same way Akismet is not 100% effective filtering them off, there is the risk that legitimate messages get to the Spam folder too, making the contact form pretty useless to me.
    I can’t risk missing messages from potential clients, and I don’t have time to log in every day to mark the spam messages that Akismet fails to filter off (I run many websites). I really don’t understand why something that has been requested for many years is still not available (even if I am very grateful with the other JetPack features).

    In my opinion, a simple CAPTCHA, or even a test like a simple maths operation would make the great Jetpack’s contact form actually usable.

    Thanks again for your time,

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    Some folks like to check to see if there any false-positives, real messages from real humans accidentally caught as spam. This way, we give folks 15 days to check if they want.

    Real humans can have trouble with CAPTCHA too, even reCAPTCHA, specifically folks with limited vision.

    Comigo também, cansei, tentei de tudo para colocar o recaptcha no formulário do JetPack, recebo dezenas de spams de robos todo o santo dia que o mesmo não reconhece, e tudo vai pra minha caixa de e-mail também, uma verdadeira bagunça e perca de tempo, acho que deveriam adequar o recaptcha ao formulário de contato, se não, é inútil em um site, e perca de tempo e dor de cabeça pra gente .

    That’s awkward, (but somehow understandable) : your team at Automaticc don’t want any captcha integration despite multiple user requests through the years… because you have your own (paid) antispam plugin.

    Sure Akismet could do the job, but it doesn’t always. I realized that it did block a ton of spam over the last weeks (thank you), but it also blocked almost all legit messages (8/10)! Too bad… Without randomly checking inside the WordPress dashboard, I would never ever see them.

    How can I make sure to get all legitimate e-mails without any trouble? I have no guarantee that it will now filter future e-mails correctly after marking them as “not a spam”.

    You might think that it’s “just because of some false positives” or specific situation, but how can a simple sentence coming from a random user using no VPN be marked as spam? and many times in a row?

    Please, allow a captcha integration with spam handling, It won’t make Akismet obsolete if you can still gather and process the data on your side…

    Plugin Contributor Dan (a11n)


    Hi @atx

    We can certainly help if Akismet is marking legit messages as spam.

    Could you contact us via this contact form and link to this thread?

    Also, in future, could you please start your own thread, as per the Forum Welcome?

    Thank you!

    reCAPTCHA Jetpack still works, as long as you create the form using the classic editor instead of that blocky-shitty thing.

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