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  • I find the new features are definitely worth the learning curve needed to adapt. I find that WordPress is a better experience after Gutenberg than it was before. I was able to to learn to the level of full working status without reading a word of instruction, all by trial and error with fully satisfactory results. During this process, bugs were still being worked on. I saw issues which I had experienced actually fix themselves and I believe that my patience in working with this new editor has paid off. I am grateful for what I have learned and the added advantages I now can enjoy from the new editor. I have found that both clients and fellow workers experience the same satisfaction when approaching this with an attitude turned towards learning. Those working with me agree that we are moving toward a much improved creative experience.

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    @stinkykong thanks for taking the time to test Gutenberg. Sounds like you’ve had a great experience with it. Could I explore a little more about what your client feedback is?

    It’s really more like no complaints but general assessment follows:

    First, I force-fed Gutenberg to co-workers (converting one site for each). They already were aware that Gutenberg was coming someday and, despite workarounds, we as an agency would need to be up on it. Also, I had told them that everything would be a “block” (images, paragraphs, lists, headings, etc… basically everything). In that setting they commenced. No problems were brought to my attention except one very simple “tip” so to help in adding an image at the top of existing text in a post.

    So, bringing this to clients (2), I have the preface that “even Bill and Betty can do it” and that things will be a bit different and need some settling into. I offer a now-or-later option and thusly they have somewhat of a choice.

    For both my co-workers and clients, this is what I feel I had when I entered the arena earlier on except that there would be someone close by, someone they knew, who had already done this.

    I must confess that I have not heard pro or con back from clients (one or two weeks now which means one or more posts behind them). Co-workers say they get along fine but they also know I’m there for support if needed but so far (over a couple of months) only the instance I mentioned above.

    My co-workers do not know HTML but they do employ other services such as Facebook posts & sharing, some do WYSISWYG email blasts, etc, so they are accustomed to working in a variety of environments. But these environments are no more user-un-friendly than something like filling out an online application or purchasing online in a Woo-Commerce WP site.

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