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    I have searched through 20+ topics on this and NO ONE mentions exactly HOW to do it. All want is exactly, where to click, what to type, whatever. Everyone keeps saying “browse” to it, or “FTP” and all that junk. Well I cant browse to it cause its not on my computer, and I know that. Everyone says its on the server where you have your site. What does that mean? How can I browse a server from a website? All I did was buy the domain, link it up with wordpress and login. That’s all I know, so somebody, ANYBODY, tell me how and where exactly I am to click to get me to this place, because everyone here is talking in terms I have yet to grasp. PLEASE.

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    What is your URL?

    In the browser you key in and hit enter. Then you sign in and you will be at the dashboard with access to plugins.

    If you are trying to delete or change that folder you can use ftp,

    Or you sign into your hosted account, the people who own the server where your wordpress is located, and use their file manager.

    First of all, you’re not supposed to be able to browse to it in your web browser, because that would be a security issue.

    Why do you want to access it? You can add and remove plugins through the WordPress admin. It seems like you are too new at this to be messing with the files directly and I would recommend that you not try it at this stage.

    I’ve already done that. I’ve been working on my site for a week now, but where am I supposed to go for the folder? I’ve already installed other plugins from the plugin page, but i am trying to install a custom one that isnt on there and the instructions say to install it to that folder.

    use host’s file manager or ftp client

    Hey thanks Samuel B for nothing. Try actually reading my OP…

    Or you sign into your hosted account, the people who own the server where your wordpress is located, and use their file manager.

    So kmessinger, I can go to GoDaddy and find it there?

    Moderator kmessinger


    Yes, sign into GoDaddy. They will have some type of interface, control panel for you to use. There will be something like a file manager so you will be able to see your files.

    There should also be some instruction on how to ftp the plugin you want into the appropriate folder.

    GoDaddy support would help you if you had questions about that.

    Thank you so much kmessinger. That is what I wanted. Someone to talk normal human English.

    sorry host's file manager isn’t normal english
    rude jerks won’t likely get much help down the road

    Not trying to be a jerk, but I asked for exactly what to do. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I didnt know who the “host” was? Just because youre a moderator and fluent in the lingo doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of us are.

    Look Samuel B, I’m sure you’re very good at what you do, or you wouldn’t be on here as a moderator. It’s just very frustrating when you do all you can to research a question, and everyone is speaking in acronyms, slang and broken english. I am a great writer, and have been fluent in English my whole life. People (and I’m not directing this at you, but everyone) have just gotten this habit of using sentence fragments and slang, and it makes it really hard to figure anything out when all you want is a full explanation of what is what in “Layman’s terms.”

    Occupation: “Computer Operations Specialist” (place rimshot here)

    Just a humorous observation, mind you…

    Welcome to the Forums, rwoody81!


    LOL, funny Clayton. Yeah well there are a whole lot of types of computer specialists out there, and mine has nothing to do with running a website.

    I see. Well, none of them usually have anything to do with being rude, condescending, or open displays of passive aggressive bigotry either… But, if you have any more WordPress questions, just ask away and someone will try to help you out!

    Glad to meet you, and again, welcome!

    Wow… Okay, well Ive obviously worn out my welcome here… might as well close this one. I’ll remember not to bother you all anymore.

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