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  • Hi @artsoulbrother

    I am sorry that you felt that way.
    The free version of the plugin allows you to display an Elementor-designed template anywhere on your site using a shortcode.
    This feature is part of the Pro plugin of Elementor and we are providing it for free.
    Yes, there is a big gap in what we offer in the free version as compared to Pro. But that’s because all those functionalities require a lot of effort to be provided for free. That should not be the case for the 1-star review.

    There is no fake commitment in the plugin description. It is doing exactly what we have mentioned.

    I will be grateful if you can reconsider your rating.

    Do not worry about these 1 star reviews. This is an excellent plugin.

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    It’s not that I have a problem with you doing business or developing plugins, in fact I think that’s great. I’m just trying to clarify to other developers like me that the free version of this plugin is a waste of their time it’s nothing new that you can’t already do yourself with WP and Elementor but okay 1 star is harsh I’ll change it.

    @artsoulbrother Thanks a lot for the small reconsideration.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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