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  • I was using this plugin for a few months, but then I received an email from Malcare saying that one of my files got hacked. So no protection here. The only thing that is available in the free version is scanning, very disappointing. More over it doesn’t tell you what file is hacked.

    To know that you have to buy an yearly plan which has quite a steep price. I don’t even have a way to verify which file is it and if it is indeed hacked. Maybe I changed it and it’s fine, I don’t know. All other plugins, say that my website is clean.

    Kinda waste of time and lots of disappointment. Maybe if they offered a better price or at least a monthly subscription that would makes at least some sense.

    ****UPDATE: After Malcare support has contacted me and explained what this plugin does and does not do, I’ve upped my rating to 4 stars. There are no files hacked, the only suspicious file the system has found was a false positive, due to extra vigilance of Malcare.

    Though it’s very nice that the systems tracks all unusual behaviors of other plugin, and no hacking was missed so far, I wish there was a way to examine suspicious files and tell exactly if it’s hacked or not without contacting support and worrying.

    I appreciate a lot that Malcare support contacted me and helped me make sure that everything is good and explained me how everything works. Thank you.

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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by woorooo.
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  • Plugin Author akshatc



    We provide a whole range of protection for your site through our firewall. Unfortunately there is no fool proof way of protecting a site. Due to vulnerabilities sites still get hacked. We see this sites who use the most expensive cloud based firewall too.

    When it comes to premium plan for cleaning up the site. We have tried to keep it as reasonable as possible. You can look at all our competitors and you will see that they cost multiple times as much as we do.

    We consistently find malware missed by the other scanners out there. This is one of our biggest advatages. If we have raised an alarm then I would not disregard it.

    Finally, in the rare case that this is a false-positive, we support team will tell you and refund the charge. We have done this in the past and only charge money from happy customers.

    If you can share the site with us, we can look it up for you. We are here to help.

    EDIT: I double checked the site. It seems like a false positive, though the premium plugin being used is doing some activity which does resemble a malware.

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    Hi @akshatc thank you for your reply. I definitely could be wrong in some of my conclusions regarding your plugin. I don’t know how it functions and what it does.

    I just described my experience, what it looked like and got frustrated that no useful information was provided regarding the hack. And that there is no way to verify if it’s indeed a hack.

    The dashboard only shows the number of files scanned and the number of bots that were denied access, so I supposed that’s the only thing that the plugin was doing. If it’s indeed does some level of protection even if the free version, I will gladly change my review.

    When it comes to your comment regarding the “hacked” file on my website, I am afraid I still don’t understand from your reply if it is a hack or not.

    Does the hacked file belong to the premium version of the plugin with the specious behavior? In which way is it suspicious? I mean, may be it does what it is supposed to do?

    I understand that you probably don’t want to give up information and want to keep it behind a pay wall. And I’m totally fine with it. I just want a definitive answer – is it a hack or not? If it’s a hack – I’m your customer. If you are not sure, then I would rather stay on the free version as long as possible to keep my expensive as low as possible, since this website doesn’t pay much and every plugin and service adds up.

    Thank you,


    Plugin Author akshatc


    Hi Roman,

    Yes, we do provide a number of mechanisms through which the firewall protects the site. We have an upcoming improvement to the dashboard which will do a better job of showing these.

    The hack we have marked is a false positive. This got marked as one as the plugin is behaving in a manner which is often seen by malware. You can ignore the notice. I have mailed you the details.

    Reiterating – Your site is NOT hacked.

    Having said this, the alarm was one which was raised pretty well. An engineer reviewing the file gave us that assurance.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.


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