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    Hi there!

    first of all, congratulations for this amazing plugin! It stands out over any other pixel plugin I have used 🙂

    Everything seems to be working just fine except from the fact that no product variations are being uploaded to my FB Catalog. They do not appear on the generated .XML file. I have the setting “No variations (Remove the variations from the feed.)” unchecked (grey colored, no green), so I cannot figure out what might be happening here.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


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    it’s really strange, because for default Pixel Caffeine includes all variations inside of the feed and everything works good on my end, so maybe it depends from something you have in your website.

    Firstly, try to refresh again the feed and check again.
    Secondly, please try to deactivate all plugins and activate them back one by one, refreshing the feed each time you activate a new plugin, and check that the issue will disappear or not. In this way, you should be able to understand if some plugin conflicts with Pixel Caffeine and maybe I can understand why.

    Let me know,

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    Hi @antoscarface,

    thanks for your reply and support on this! I did as you said and the issue persists. In fact, I deactivated all the plugins but WooCommerce and yours and the catalog has only 14 products (the existing ones under the categories I indicate into the “Filter by product category” filter, so that number of products is correct). But no variation from any of those 14 products (all of them have variations defined).

    I have observed that if I change the category filter, it affects the number of products on the feed (as it should be)… but, if I toggle the “Filter products on sale” setting, nothing changes, when it should display 0 products on the feed, as long as I don’t have any product on sale… Just pointing this out because I observed it and I thought it might be of help for you.

    I am open to carry out as many tests as you indicate me because I really like your plugin and I think it is, potentially, the best out there, so I would be able to make it work on my installation. But if we cannot fix this, I am afraid I will have to use another one.





    I have the same problem with Pixel Caffeine. The feed does not contain product variations.

    Thank you in advance.


    I still have the variation and sales price problems which I think related to this post.

    For variation products, normal prices are shown instead of sales price except the default variation have one duplicate product with the sale price.

    For example,

    Product A is a single product sold at $70 normally but now on sale for $40.
    Facebook Catalog has Product A at $70.

    Product B is a variable product and there are Red,Blue,Yellow colors.
    Red is the default variation. Product B is sold at $100 normally but now on sale for $50.
    Facebook Catalog has
    1. Product B Red at $50
    2. Product B Red at $100
    3. Product B Blue at $100
    4. Product B Yellow at $100

    I believe something is wrong with how the plugin treats variation.

    WP 4.9.1
    WC 3.2.6
    Theme: Savoy

    Thank you!

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    Hi @miikewordpress,

    yep, this plugin doesn’t work fine with variations, which is really a pity because I really feel it would be the best plugin out there for this.

    I didn’t mention, but my installation is: WP 4.9.6 and WC 3.4.2

    I hope @antoscarface will have time to look into this soon.

    Also trouble here with variations – running newest WC and WP. My issue is the pixel helper cannot match IDs. I’ve tried every setting with SKU and ID and it wont match them. It will AddtoCart but not ViewContent. See https://ibb.co/mK4Qe8.

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    I also have the exact same problem that the previous reply describes.

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    Hi guys,

    sorry for the extreme delay on this.

    I’m not being able to replicate the issue on my end, I have correctly variations and/or products in sale on my feed.

    Could you please explain your feed configuration and your Woo version?
    Let me know, thanks.

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