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    I am using iPage and installed the latest version of WP. I can login, but when I click on Customize, the only thing that shows up is the left sidebar where you make changes, you cannot see the template, that area is completely white. See page:
    I have uninstalled and installed it many times, even tried to install an older version, same thing. Tried to delete files per trouble shooting guide and still does not work. iPage has looked into it and said its a 3rd party/WP issue. I am not fluent in code-speak, so please be as basic as you can with any suggestions!! Thank you!

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  • Does this occur with all themes tried or just that one?

    Any of the themes I have tried, they are all blank.

    I found this in an old thread, sent it to iPage and it seems to have fixed the problem for now!

    I was having this same problem and I just got off the line with the iPage customer support. It turns out that their default web editor, Weebly, automatically overrides any other web editor, including WordPress, and you have to remove the Weebly files in order to let the WordPress files shine through.
    To make a terrible analogy… suppose you were to tack a poster on your wall and then walk away. Later you came back and found your poster missing, but in its place was another poster. You searched everywhere for your poster but never found it so you bought a new one and put it up again only to find the replacement poster there again later. Then you found out that it was your roommate covering up your poster with his own poster. Once you took down his poster and gave him a good smacking you could finally enjoy your poster. The point is, your poster was there all along, it was just covered up by another piece of art.
    Unless you know what you are doing, I would suggest contacting customer support at 1 (877) 472-4399 and asking them to remove the files for you. That is what I just did and now all the changes I make in WordPress are showing up. (They didn’t actually remove them–instead they stored them in a different folder and left it unpublished).

    Hi SAHMOM,

    My name is Melissa and I am the Social Media Manager here at iPage. We’ve been keeping an eye out on the forums to see about assisting customers wherever we can.

    I’m glad to see we were able to assist with getting your WordPress site visible. We have a file hierarchy and by default it looks for index.html before it looks for index.php. Because of this, at least the base file of index.html for the Drag and Drop Builder (and/or the default “under construction” page) has to be renamed, deleted, or moved in order for the index.php of WordPress to shine through. Alternatively the .htaccess file can be altered to a different DirectoryIndex. This setup applies to any index file that is named separately or lower down on the list of files that are looked for first. (The list of files can be obtained by going to the .htaccess Editor > Default Pages > “standard default filenames” or via the link below.)

    Moving all your files to a sub folder will allow you to access them by going to to view them, but you can also access them anytime via the builder itself if necessary. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Kind regards,

    Social Media Manager

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