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    Hi Jeff,

    Can you please walk me through exactly what you are doing? A detailed list of steps, including the following information:

    – What version of BD are you running?
    – What version of WP?
    – Is this admin-side, user-side or both?
    – What user are you logged in as?
    – Can you provide screenshots of what you see?
    – Can you show me a screenshot of your Admin side Manage Form Fields screen?

    BD = 3.0.1
    WP = 3.5.1

    Have only tried to ‘preview’ as an admin. Have not seen an option for the user to preview the ‘listing’.

    I currently don’t require ‘login’ to post a listing. Haven’t figured out how to have people subscribe yet.

    When I click ‘preview’ on a ‘pending’ listing I am taken to the page that BD made.

    When I click ‘edit’ on a pending listing I am taken to the WP content editor page for that listing. If I scroll to the bottom I can see a replica of the submission form. But, I am never able to see an actually ‘preview’ of the listing. Even the ‘preview’ button to the right of the content editor in the ‘Publish’ control box takes me to the page created by BD.

    Screenshots? Well I have heard that term used a bunch, but, have no clue as to how to do it.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

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    Hi Jeff,

    If you want to see what the page looks like, go under Directory->Directory on the admin dashboard. Hover over a listing, and you should see a “View” link. Click that, it will show you the user-facing page with the listing.

    We don’t have an admin-side, inline previewer, as this would end up duplicating functionality on the front end, and it’s ultimately the front end view that matters in the end.

    Thank you. I have seen that, however, that option only appears after the listing has been published. Until a pending listing is published what I see when hovering is; edit|quick edit|trash|preview …. And preview does not display a ‘preview’ of the listing as it would appear to visitors. Once the listing is published the ‘view’ options is displayed when hovering instead of the ‘preview’ option.

    It would be nice to be able to see a listing as it would appear before it is published so corrections could be made if needed.

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    OK, I understand now. We’ll look into adding something for that to help out there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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