"No posts matched your criteria" permalink problem..on just one browser (1 post)

  1. johngorenfeld
    Posted 7 years ago #

    The situation:

    I've used a modified version of "The Future Is Now" plugin to let my users at this site discuss unpublished posts--ones from the future, that is. It works great on Firefox, but...

    Under IE 7, users who click the permalink receive this error: "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria." The links are simple format, along the lines of http://www.website.com/?1432

    I've heard of a bug in 2.6.x that causes this to happen, but nothing seems to work for me to get around it. I've tried different permalink structures (http://www.website.com/2008/fred), and those return 404 messages.

    Anyone have any ideas? :(

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