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  • Hi all,

    I have been trying to fix the following for days now, but I keep getting nowhere.

    I installed WordPress 1.5 and integrated its user table with that of an Invision Power Board forum. This meant I needed to change column names throughout the WP code, because for the redundant ones I stuck to the Invision names.

    It all seems to work fine right now, except for one thing. Under “Manage” (link to edit.php) in the Dashboard, I cannot see any posts being listed! The search engine there also gives no results. There are quite a few posts however, so for some reason they just aren’t being read.

    Uploading the original WordPress edit.php doesn’t have any effect, so the bug is not in that file. I have gone across various other php files, but to no avail.

    Earlier bugs came down to the difference between id and ID. While users in the Invision table have their identification in the lowercase id column, the posts are still in the standard WP table, which had the ID column spelled in caps.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be wrong? I would welcome all thoughts and suggestions, because I am pretty stuck myself.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • Are you logging in under the admin account, or alternatively do posts have the same id # (for post_author) as the ID for your login? There needs to be a one to one (to one) correspondence to display posts in the case of the latter.

    Beyond that, any chance of getting a look at the data dictionary for the posts and users tables? It’s certainly possible there’s still a conflicting variation.


    Thanks for your reponse!

    My (login) id is the same as the value in the post_author column. Logging in as an admin doesn’t solve the problem.

    The columns (all from the prefix_users table) had to be translated as follows :

    ID --> id
    user_login --> name
    user_pass --> password
    user_icq --> icq_number *
    user_email --> email
    user_url --> website
    user_ip --> ip_address
    user_registered --> joined **

    *The same goes for AIM, MSN and other profile data. The fields might not have been translated everywhere, but they aren’t that important (I think)
    ** There’s also a difference in timestamp notation between IPB and WordPress

    For the post table, everything remains the same as in the standard installation. If there’s a conflict caused by the column translation, it is because of (one of) the fields mentioned above.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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