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    I love your plugin.. it’s lightweight and works better than all the other lightbox plugins out there, especially on mobile devices.

    I’ve noticed one issue, YouTube videos don’t pull the poster frame, so when you add the necessary items to the YouTube link it pops up with a dark black screen with only a play button showing. Now I manually added


    To the URL and it works better, but it’s hard to remember the whole structure of the poster frame, especially when you can code that into the plugin. Could you do that where it will automatically pull the poster farm based on the VideoID since you already put it in with the other youtube=”ID”

    Also… when the person clicks on the YouTube link, it pops up the video, then you have to click the Play button, then it loads the YouTube video and you then have to press the Play button again, that is clunky.. can you make it default to automatically play the video once you hit play the first time? (I think you have the option buried somewhere in the plugin code?)

    I found the variable in youTubeClickToPlay on line 44 of blueimp-gallery-youtube.js and turned it to false from true and the auto play starts automatically, so that’s good! Perhaps you can make it an option on the front end?

    // Require a click on the native YouTube player for the initial playback:
            youTubeClickToPlay: false

    And finally, it’s hard to close the video once you stop as there is no place for the person to click to close it… they have to click around, hoping that the Red Close Box pops up, which is hard to make happen.

    You can see it in action here on the first link in the post:

    I will tinker around with the code to see if I can make it auto add the poster frame.

    One final thing, could you add the instruction to perhaps the settings page so that they will be readily available to users? Right now, if you have the plugin installed and activated, there is no way to get to the instructions, without either deactivating the plugin then clicking on details, or clicking Add New Plugin and do a search of blue imp then clicking Details there. There is no other way to get to the link once installed and activated.



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    Sorry for the really late reply, I didn’t have email notification enabled for this forum.

    I’ve added support to automatically infer the poster for YouYube videos to the blueimp Gallery project:
    I’ve not updated the WP plugin itself yet, but you can also manually update the JS files with the newer ones from the Gallery project release.

    The youTubeClickToPlay option is purposefully set to true, as there were issues on mobile devices otherwise. Namely that Apple doesn’t allow scripted autoplay of HTML5 video on iOS devices. So enable it on your own risk.

    Similar reasons are for the delay before the poster with the close button is shown when pausing a video. This is done due to issues with the YouTube Iframe player API, which would jump back to the poster when seeking otherwise.


    I wanted to have auto play with vimeo videos as “undergroundnetwork” suggested. I went into blueimg-gallery-vimeo.js and made vimeoClickToPlay:false
    Still the play button comes up even though it is set to false. I am using the present version i.e. 1.1.0
    So let me know about the same.


    I’m having the same problem — I can’t get the vimeo videos to autoplay. I have tried adding vimeoClickToPlay: false to the options, adding data-vimeo-click-to-play="false" to the link, and I’ve even tried editing the source .js files to manually change the value of clickToPlay, but nothing works. Thanks in advance for any help.

    by the way, I noticed in the settings documentation that you have Vimeo options set as var youTubeOptions:

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