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    As the subject, there isn’t an importer of SimpleTags tags ( in the tag importer of WP 2.3?
    I know it’s not a fresh and updated plugin, but works so good until version 2.2
    If can be realized a specific importer will be great, or if i must reconvert manually all the tags of every posts of my blog it will be a great work!

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  • install simpletagging import the tags from simple tag and than you can import the tags in the core of wp 2.3



    Unfortunately, simpletagging does not contain an importer for SimpleTags.



    I see it built-in at:
    Manage -> Import: Simple Tagging

    that doesn’t import Simple Tags. Simple Tags and Simple Tagging are different, apparently, and the WP2.3 built-in doesn’t import the former.

    I would really like to see an importer for the SimpleTags (plugin made by Broobles — into WP2.3. I have in excess of 1,000 posts all tagged using that plugin and was excited when I saw WP2.3 shipping with “Simple Tagging” importer.

    Then when I tried it, I realized the importer was made for a different plugin, not the SimpleTags plugin.

    It would certainly be appreciated if anyone can come up with a workaround, a plugin, an SQL query, or anything at all that i can use to import my tags.

    Looking at the plugin author’s site, s/he is not responding to requests for a 2.3 importer, thus it appears those of us are SOL who used this plugin (*one major reason why I hate relying on anything not officially part of WP — with plugins, you use them at your own risk and development can cease at any time).

    Anyway, if someone can offer a solution to this, I’d be thankful.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The real SimpleTags plugin is here:
    …and it supports WordPress 2.3 and up just fine.

    I do not know what this thing made by Broobles is, but his site is blocked at my workplace, so I guess I can’t give you any advice there. How does it store the tags?

    I’m not a coder Otto. And I am not sure which plugin came first. The SimpleTags plugin I use was available ever since 09/07/2005.

    Anyway, that’s besides the point. The idea how it works is simply that when writing your post, you add the following:

    [tags]keyword, keyword, keyword[/tags]

    When you publish your post, the keyword are auto linked to Technorati.

    I modified the URL in the code to instead perform a search for those keywords on my site. For example, I changed to so that the keyword I link is now a search term.

    However, after upgrading to 2.3, I am left with a couple of thousand posts each with unparsed code showing, quote literally:

    [tags]keyword, keyword, keyword[/tags]

    Where keyword is the actual keyword I had entered for that post.

    My choices are to either edit every one of those posts, or run a custom query/script to delete everything after the open Tag bracket in its entirety — neither of which is appealing, as you can imagine.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well, here’s the thing, I don’t really know how it stores tags internally. And since his site is blocked, I can’t tell from reading his code. So, if he doesn’t write an importer for you, then you’re kinda screwed. Unless somebody with access to his site can read his code and help you out.

    My point about the rest was that sticking to well-supported plugins is generally a good idea.

    Simple Tags v1.2 have an importer for embedded tags !
    (compatible SimpleTags old)

    What code is needed?

    Isn’t it possible to write an importer that identifies the right row ([tags]tag1, tag2, tag3, etc[/tags]) in the post and imports the tags?

    Sorry. I didn’t see the importer in the extras folder of Simple Tags 1.2. Puting this in /wp-admin/import/ and running the “Embedded tags” importer solved the issue.

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