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  • Despite trying several fixes to get around the lack of PNG transparency in IE6, I can’t seem to find one that really works for me.

    The site i’m trying to get working in IE6 is

    What fix is everyone using?
    Is there something i’m doing wrong?
    Are there limitations to the effectiveness of the available fixes?

    thanks in advance everyone,

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  • A fix that I’ve used is more of a workaround. I create a transparent GIF alternative (it’s lower quality, but I live with it) and add a couple of lines in my CSS file to override the PNG.

    So if you have:

    #headbg {
    	background:transparent url(images/logo.png) no-repeat scroll center right;

    Then you add this immediately below that line:

    * html #headbg {
    	background:transparent url(images/logo.gif) no-repeat scroll center right;

    The * html at the beginning of the line is only read by IE, all modern “nice” browsers will ignore this, but for IE6 it will replace the PNG image with the GIF. IE6 plays nice with transparent GIFs, so this shouldn’t cause any issues.

    See it in action here: (the logo on the right-hand side of the top banner).

    Adam Erstelle


    I have posted a plugin that is supposed to try to help the ie6 png transparency issue. Search for HITS…it’s usually the second one.

    I tried using the plugin, but I still can’t get the logo.png file in the header to show up fully in IE7.

    Can you see anything I might be doing wrong?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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