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    I am a PROGGRAMMER!!!!! This means I dont need nor do I want to use these silly little plugins that make things harder to understand rather then just getting into the code. Can anyone out there who is a ” WordPress Consultant/Guru” fix any problems without suggesting ANOTHER PLUG-IN!!!!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

    Before there were plugins there was something called CODE!!!!
    We had to learn it!!!!

    Can someone tell me where and how can I change my social media icon links (in the HTML, or PHP file)not the CSS as I need to change the LINK, (HTML). Please do not tell me footer.php, as I have spent all day in there and heve yet to find where or how to link the social media images.
    check out the site:

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    You need to get support from your theme vendor as you are using a commercial theme so it is not supported here.

    When contacting them for assistance you may want to adopt a less aggressive posting style.


    From the site link I cannot tell where/how the social links are being generated from within your WordPress site. Perhaps your theme has an options panel? Or maybe it is being added via a widget?

    Looks like the radial theme from Orange Themes.

    You may want to watch the video:

    Agreed with cubecolour. A tad lighter approach.

    I don’t even see how suggesting a plugin would have helped one bit in this case but try to keep in mind, there are really great plugins that can save you a ton of time. I am a coder too who codes my own plugins and hand codes every site, though in some cases, why reinvent the wheel? You’ll save yourself some time.

    Why are you using a commercial theme if so inclined? Write your own?

    Cause like racer said Seacoast, why reinvent the wheel? Although I get your point. Anyway, if you’re a programmer theseone dig into the code man!

    But I’m going to bet your theme has a footer widgets area that you can edit in Appearance > Widgets.

    @seacoast Web Design – WordPress forum burn of the day. Congrats!

    No doubt. Settle down.

    First.. the all caps and the elongated punctuation is absolutely ridiculous. I certainly hope you don’t code like you post here in the forum.

    Secondly.. the best way to get help on the forum is identifying the issue, the steps you have taken to resolve, what you already tried that didn’t work, any error messages, and so on… you know, facts which help us identify the issue. Not rambling on about how you are a great programmer and implying the rest of us don’t know our code.

    Lastly.. I take the time to go to your page to see what the issue is, and before I can even see what you are talking about… I am forced to signup??

    Come on. Learn how to properly ask for help on the forum please.


    Can you tell me how you have linked the social media links as they are already linked to some link, I guess same way you can modify the links.

    I figured it out!!! Thanks for the support!

    Sorry about my harshness of words, I get worked up with programming stuff nothing more taxing on my mind, body, and soul!! LOL AnywayIt was in footer.php and the code was wrong so I changed it to the correct code, man I feel like a newbie sometimes even doing this website thing for years now.. Sucks…Still getting schooled…

    Hey is there a school or some sort of class offered that will provide a human I can ask questions to? and interact with? A human that can showe me everything about WordPress, so I dont have to stumble through and waste time learning slowly by myself when I know there are people out there who can just tell me , this doe thi, this does that… Thats what I need…

    Any suggestions???


    The site is a clients and they had already had someone else build it!!
    So I was not going to create an entirely new websites, as they already like this one, just doing some maintenance and SEO for them..

    If I was going to create my own theme I wouldnt do it… Ill just use my Adobe Suites, and Dreamweaver, get into the code and really create it MYSELF FROM SCRATCH, not using any kind of WordPress anything.

    I just need a teacher, Theres gotta be someone or some community that wants to get other web lovers, computer proggrammers some assistance, some help understanding how to use every part/ piece of Worpress.

    The thing is I usually have questions that I cant answer myself(hince why im on here) If I could figure everything out on my own I wouldnt be on here.

    I need to be able to ask questions, something that you cant do when reading , watching a Vimeo, or YouTube.

    I get daunted by how much I still have to learn, same with Joomla, Magento , and the rest of the CMS’ out there, its like before I can fully grasp everything theres a new version with new options being released…

    How can I keep up better, Where can I find a tacher to show me “this does this, this does this, this doesnt do this, this will do this, this button does this, and explain the thinking behind it!!


    I don’t really know of a school or classes. I have seen a few instances of people offering seminars here and there, but I have no information on how to contact them.

    I know I struggled along the way as well. Don’t get discouraged. I’ve built websites for 15 years, and WordPress still throws me a curveball here and there.

    Just keep plugging (pun intended) through it. When you hit a wall, start google-ing. Chances are someone else has experienced a similar issue.

    I wish I could offer more specific help… but there is definitely a learning curve with WordPress. It just takes time.

    And thanks for dialing that response down a little 😉

    @ Josh – You must not know your code, or your website structres or databases or structures, otherwise you would know how to bypass the sign up.

    You simply typ “index.php” at the end of the URL…

    ALright no more free lessons.

    Thanks for your concern though JOSHY!!

    Ok no worries! I am just a person full of passion and emotions!

    Heres something new:

    I was adding just one line of content to a page and it made my loan application dissapear… Now I dont know how to get it back on my page..
    DAMNITTTT!!!! lol It never ends!

    Anyway I tdont know why it dissapeared I didnt touch it move it, or do anyhting to the pages but add one line of text/content for SEO.

    No clue!

    @ Josh – You must not know your code, or your website structres or databases or structures, otherwise you would know how to bypass the sign up.

    Well, here is one of my plugins:

    Half a million downloads… I’d say I probably know my code slightly better than you.

    What have YOU given back to the WordPress community?

    By the way, it’s not MY responsibility to “figure out” your link. Post the correct link next time, and save us all a little time HELPING YOU!!

    I will give back when I have mastered it like you, and everyone else who masters everything but can never share the knowledge!

    All Im ever asking for is the same thing the internet was created for!!


    So share your knowledge!!

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