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[Resolved] No Plugin Button on Admin Console

  • I started working with wordpress last week. I’m trying to add a plugin and all the documentation and forum comments point to the plugin button on the admin console. My admin console doesn’t have it and I don’t see anywhere I can “turn it on”.

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  • Post a link to your blog?

    This issue isn’t uploading a plugin, it’s the fact that for some reason WordPress doesn’t have the plugin manager or editor in the admin console as stated it should in the documentation.

    Just to make sure the obvious isnt being overlooked, you are using a WordPress you have installed on your own host, not a service like wordpress.com or edublogs.org?

    Sites that host blogs, like the examples above, often limit the functionality, for obvious reasons.

    I’m using wordpress.com.

    thats the problem. Nothing you can do, you cannot upload or use 3rd party plugins on wordpress.com.

    also just for future reference, since you must not have realized it, wordpress.com has their own support area @ http://wordpress.com/forums/

    thanks. I’ll reload onto bluehost. any quick and easy way to move my blog to a different host? do i download wordpress to my PC (import my posts), then upload to my new host?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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