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    On my blog, there is no place to add comments. At the bottom of each post there are links that say, “posted in” and then the category, and then “edit’ and then “no comments”

    What do I need to do to enable comments. I’ve checked okay for comments in the admin area.


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  • Look in your theme’s folder to make sure you have a comments.php file. If you don’t, you can copy the one from the default theme to use.

    This is what it says in the comment folder (all greek to me):

    [moderated – long code removed]

    There is no comment folder – just a file called comments.php.

    (Don’t post long code here, please!
    It is difficult to read and nobody really bothers to take a look at it. You can use or similar services – and post back with the URI.
    For posting small code snippets, please read carefully the instructions here below the text input area: the “backticks” usually are located on top-left of your keyboard, where ~ [tilde] is.)

    If it helps to know, I’m using the default theme provided.

    Very sorry. Won’t make that mistake again.

    What happens when you click on “No Comments”?

    Ah. Found the link in your profile.

    Interesting – clicking on the Comments link diverts to your site’s homepage. I think the problem may be that you appear to have an index.html file in the root of your site as well as WordPress’s index.php, which is going to cause lots of problems like this.

    You’ll need to either move WordPress into a folder, or lose that index.html file.

    if it is the website in youir profile
    it will never work until you have an index.html and an index.php in the same (root) folder.

    Thanks guys, I’ll see if I can figure out how to do this.

    Okay, what I found is that I do have both the index html and php in my public_html folder. Does this need to exist somewhere else as well?

    No, they should NOT exist in the same folder. Ever.

    The WP folders are in the public_html folder. The WP folders are: wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes. As I mentioned, the public_html folder also has an index.html file and an index.php file.

    The wp-admin has an index.php file, but no index.html file. The wp-content folder has plug-ing and theme subfolders and an index.php file. That theme subfolder has the default theme and an index.php file and a comments.php file.

    Pastebin hasn’t offered any help.

    Hoping this additional info holds a key to solving this.


    to moshu–if they shouldn’t exist in the same file, what do I do. Can either be safely deleted? If so, which one goes?

    Pastebin WON’T “offer any help”. It’s simply a “dump site” for holding large amounts of code for people to look over.

    Less posting and more reading is always beneficial 🙂

    Forget the WP folders – they are OK as they are (with or without index).
    Your main problem is that you have 2 (TWO) index files in the same folder – as it was told you several times above.
    You either remove the index.html from your root folder (a.k.a. public_html) OR you move the WHOLE WP installation (including its folders and almost 20 files!) into a subfolder of the public_html.

    Please bear with me. Truly, you might as well be speaking greek to me with this stuff. And I’m nervous that a wrong move in the ftp manger will just cause a host of other headaches. The wp folders ARE currently subfolders of the public_html. To make sure I understand, are you saying that they should’t exist as separate folders and files but all be moved into one folder?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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