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    Hi there

    I recently moved my webpages from the standard wordpress.com to the latest version of wordpress.org to customise it more. Using my new host http://december.0dollarwebspace.com/blog I’m not able to self ping or it seems to pingback anything else. I checked the php version and it’s not 5.2.2 (I read that there was a bug) and I checked that port 80 is open does anyone have any suggestions? I’ll happily post other details if needed.


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  • Some servers will block pinging to there site, check with them.

    Hello again,

    I checked and they dont say that pings are blocked, but I’m seeking clarification.

    I have installed the Word Press on one of my servers. Now, I have my blogs sitting on various other servers like blogspot.com

    Can I see blogs from blogspot.com or other on the Word Press as well. I want to see a copy of them here and if I write something on those blogs through Word Press, it should reflect over there(blogspot) as well.

    Can it be doable?
    Is this Pingback?

    I would appreciate any help.

    I don’t know the answer to your question Khurania, perhaps you should start a separate thread?

    I had a reply from the server people and it is that they are blocked so thanks for the help. I don’t suppose there is any other way?

    I don’t see anywhere to mark this thread as resolved.


    So, when you were on WordPress you had a blog like yourname.wordpress.com
    and now have a name like yourname.com?
    If that’s so, figure out the difference between the two and you’ll know 🙂

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