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  • I have installed the plugin and activated all but the clean content extender. I pasted the following code into the wp-config.php file

    /** docs to wordpress */
    define( 'DOCSTOWP_USER', '' );
    define( 'DOCSTOWP_PASS', 'XXXXXXXX' );
    // Folder to Pull From
    define( 'DOCSTOWP_ORIGIN', '0Bz_J3vTxSx3iaTY1VDhWSlhxNnc' );
    // Folder to send to once published
    define( 'DOCSTOWP_DESTINATION', '0Bz_J3vTxSx3iSTdSV2VaQk5XT3M' );

    I am not receiving any errors, but the files I set up to test the plug in have not shown in wordpress. Is my code correct? Is there a specific place that I should add the code? I attempted the alternate route of adding the code to the wp-cron file but received errors. Here is the code I used in that instance:

    $docs_to_wp = new Docs_To_WP();
    $gdClient = $docs_to_wp->docs_to_wp_init( '', 'XXXXXXX' );
    $docs_to_wp->retrieve_docs_for_web( $gdClient, '0Bz_J3vTxSx3iaTY1VDhWSlhxNnc','0Bz_J3vTxSx3iSTdSV2VaQk5XT3M' );

    I would appreciate any help you could offer.


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