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  • When I click on Visitor Maps Settings I get a page saying that I dont have permission….

    Tried to disable all plugins and themes – still no permission.

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  • Hi, are you login in as an administrator or with a different role into your site?

    The plugin has a setting named Users who can view the dashboard pages:. This settings allows you to control who can view the plugin dashboard.

    Kind regards

    Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

    When I tried to uninstall/re-install it did throw a php err but don’t think that’s the permissions problem. The table is there. I would like to know in phpmyadmin possibly to check the perms. What I see is below the err msg here.

    2017/07/20 12:06:48 [error] 6702#6702: *9655 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: WordPress database error Table ‘mydomain.wp_visitor_maps_wo’ doesn’t exist for query ALTER TABLEwp_visitor_maps_wo
    ADD INDEX nickname_time_last_click (nickname, time_last_click) made by activate_plugin, include_once(‘/plugins/visitor-maps/visitor-maps.php’), VisitorMaps->visitor_maps_upgrade_1″ while reading response header from upstream, client:, server:, request: “GET /wp-admin/plugins.php?_wpnonce=7af46f5f53&action=activate&plugin=visitor-maps/visitor-maps.php HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://unix:/var/run/ajenti-v-php7.0-fcgi-proudly-single-php7.0-fcgi-0.sock:”, host: “”, referrer: “”

    a:34:{s:7:"donated";s:1:"0";s:11:"active_time";s:1:"5";s:10:"track_time";s:2:"15";s:10:"store_days";s:2:"30";s:19:"hide_administrators";s:1:"0";s:21:"dashboard_permissions";s:14:"manage_options";s:13:"ips_to_ignore";s:0:"";s:14:"urls_to_ignore";s:18:"wp-slimstat-js.php";s:11:"time_format";s:5:"h:i a";s:15:"time_format_hms";s:6:"h:i:sa";s:16:"date_time_format";s:11:"m-d-Y h:i a";s:17:"geoip_date_format";s:11:"m-d-Y h:i a";s:9:"whois_url";s:35:"";s:15:"whois_url_popup";s:1:"1";s:19:"enable_host_lookups";s:1:"1";s:22:"enable_location_plugin";s:1:"1";s:20:"enable_state_display";s:1:"1";s:9:"hide_bots";s:1:"0";s:12:"hide_console";s:1:"0";s:15:"combine_members";s:1:"0";s:21:"hide_text_on_worldmap";s:1:"0";s:24:"enable_visitor_map_hover";s:1:"0";s:22:"enable_users_map_hover";s:1:"0";s:18:"enable_blog_footer";s:1:"0";s:19:"enable_admin_footer";s:1:"1";s:19:"enable_records_page";s:1:"1";s:18:"enable_widget_link";s:1:"0";s:18:"enable_credit_link";s:1:"0";s:15:"enable_dash_map";s:1:"0";s:15:"enable_page_map";s:1:"0";s:10:"pins_limit";s:4:"2000";s:11:"default_map";s:1:"1";s:16:"default_map_time";s:2:"30";s:17:"default_map_units";s:4:"days";}

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    I am having the same problem. Did anyone find a solution ?

    Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

    Whoever is claiming to maintain this plugin is not keeping up with latest PHP… i.e. php7… my best guess.

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