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    Hey, loving the elegant simplicity of this plugin,

    I’ve got this hooked up with valid live Stripe API keys,
    but it doesn’t seem to be triggering a payment
    (not coming up in Stripe dashboard, or bank account).

    It doesn’t seem to be triggering notification emails either,
    I’ve changed from address to <> in case my custom smtp mail was being weird. This email usually works.

    It does redirect after payment to my thankyou page, which is nice.

    Live mode is checked.

    Please let me know if there are any other obvious steps I should troubleshoot?

    Thanks for any advice in advance!

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  • Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi, what shortcode are you currently using? Do you have more than one payment system enabled in your website? Do you have a cache plugin installed?

    Hi thanks for easter time reply!
    No their aren’t any other payment systems enabled.
    Yes I’m just using wp-super cache but same result if switch it off.
    Also payments aren’t creating an entry at
    Don’t know what else to troubleshoot?
    Using test keys?

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi, what do you mean by using test keys?

    What shortcode are you currently using?

    Plugin Author mra13


    First, need to make sure that the transaction is being processed correctly and the orders are going to the “Stripe Orders” menu.

    If thats not happening then there is likely an issue with the setup somewhere.

    Did you make sure to use your LIVE API keys since you have the plugin in live mode? Sometimes people enable the live mode but uses the test Stripe API keys which won’t work.

    Maybe you can disable the LIVE mode and then enter the test Stripe API key details so we can do a test transaction and see if that works or not.

    Hi, same problem here: live Stripe API keys, live mode checked… Shortcode: [accept_stripe_payment name=”XXX” button_text=”XXX”]. I have tinyCoffee ( in the web and WP Rocket cache. I’ve deactivated tinyCoffee and Wp Rocket many times but no payment. The URL is All the process seems work fine, but no payment in Stripe orders.


    HI, I’ve now tested it with the Test API keys, with the same results.
    I’ve tried disabling the cache, and now running WP Fastest Cache.

    I’ll leave the test keys active so you are able to test the payment

    Thanks for your help troubleshooting this!

    PS No, neither the live or test payments are appearing under Stripe Orders in WordPress admin.

    Plugin Author mra13


    Please copy and paste the exact shortcode that you are using. I want to test that exact shortcode (using the same parameters) on my site to test and make sure something is not going wrong there.

    Again: [accept_stripe_payment name=”XXX” button_text=”XXX”]


    Also the shortcode on my site is
    [accept_stripe_payment name=”Contribution-for-hosting” button_text=”Chip in”]

    Plugin Author mra13


    Thank you. I have tested that exact shortcode just now and the checkout goes through fine and the order shows up in the “Stripe Orders” admin dashboard menu.

    It looks like you may have modified the post payment thank you page. Did you edit that page and make modifications? Maybe you removed the shortcode from there?

    Do you have the following shortcode in your “Checkout Result Page URL”?


    You should not modify the page that this plugin creates. That page is where Stripe will post the payment data. The shortcode in that page will catch the data and process the payment. If you deleted the shortcode then nothing will get processed.

    Perfect. Now it works fine!


    Amazing, killed 2 birds with 1 stone!
    Thankyou so much for this plugin and great support.
    It now works so smoothly

    Do you happen to have any pointers where to edit the printed output of

    Plugin Author mra13


    There is a filter that can be used to override the output that goes on the thank you page. If you are familiar with using WordPress filters to customize the output then you should be able to use it. The name of the filter is:


    It passes 2 arguments $output, $post_data

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