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  • Just installed and am ready to get my hands dirty but I go to the “presentation” and I only get the Current Theme Kubrick. I downloaded other themes and put them in the “themes’ folder but they do not show up in “available themes.
    How do I change my theme?

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  • Are you sure you put them in the right place?
    Each theme should have their own folder under /themes/.
    Also, make sure the folders are not duplicated, i.e. sometimes during the unzip/upload what happens is this:

    Ya , no duplicates. I even uninstalled everything including the Db and reinstall everything with the themes folder there.


    Even a clean new install should have 2 themes: default and classic.

    Are the folders CHMOD 755?

    I have default, classic, and home. I can’t change to and from one of these muchless any of the download one.

    OK the wordpressMU comes with the above themes, would CHMOD 755 have changed for them as well?

    Are you installing MU?
    Then you are in the wrong place…

    ok I see it’s the WPMU Theme Compatibility. Thank you for your time

    I installed the Pool theme sucessfully. Then I added several others. Nonee of the new ones are showing. They are in the right folder.





    not only did you hijack a 4 month old thread .. but you have not provided enough information for an ant’s worth of help.

    Needless to say .. they are NOT installed correctly if they dont show up in the admin area. Thats the simple fact.

    If you require help, youre going to need to provide the url to the wordpress blog, the names of some themes you are terying to install, and where EXACTLY you have installed them. It also helps to see a screenshot of your wp-content/themes directory

    OK, sorry. I’ll gather the info and post a new message

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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