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  • Should I take that as a no? And, if not, doesn’t that seem like a bit of an oversight?

    Plugin Contributor Samuel Wood (Otto)


    The answer is indeed no, but I would hesitate to say that it’s an oversight. The majority of people using plugins like these would want all of their content to be pushed to Facebook. That’s sort of the whole point, to publicize your content.

    Yeah, I understand that. On the other hand, it seems like two or three updates to a page is about all you want to do without annoying your fans and getting “unlikes.” Also, I might want to post things other than my own posts to my FB page, which would reduce the number of potential posts. At the same time I could easily post five times to my blog in a day.

    Seems like an easy addition to add a check box that defaults to checked that people could uncheck. But hey, it’s your plugin.

    Does leaving the “fb_fan_page_message” field blank disable posting to your page? Because I just published a post that way and it didn’t update my page. It was also a scheduled publish, not sure if that makes a difference.



    Jebus: thanks for the feedback, we’ll consider it. A workaround, for now, is to disable the option before publishing something.

    jebus, I agree with you. Don’t want every post published to my Facebook page. Try Facebook Page Publish.

    Every single new page on my site posts to Facebook… is this supposed to happen?

    This is a must-have feature guys… I would guess there are many out there that only want certain posts to go out to their Facebook page..

    C’mon..give us a little checkbox to choose wether to post to Facebook page or not 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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