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  • Hi there, this is how I’d like to set up your plugin:

    Upon a new subscription or subscription renewal, a pdf invoice is generated and visible in the ‘my account’ area. And it’s disabled for free orders.

    I’ve got it working 99% this way. The issue is, there doesn’t appear to be an option to auto create an invoice for a new subscription order in the Documents setting. There’s a ‘Completed Order’ box – but that doesn’t create an invoice for a subscription order for some reason – even though all subscription orders are set to ‘complete’. There’s a ‘Complete Subscription Switch’ and a ‘Completed Subscription Renewal’ and a ‘New Renewal Order’ which I’m awaiting to see if that generates the invoice.

    But there’s nothing for a ‘new subscription’. So when someone subscribes for the first time, an invoice isn’t being auto generated. Which means I’m having to manually go in and generate one.

    Do you know how to fix this?

    Thanks! Hope that made sense.

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  • Plugin Support alexmigf


    Hello @charliemariephoto

    What third party subscriptions plugin are you using? Let me know.

    Hi! Sorry using WooCommerce Subscriptions + Memberships

    Plugin Support alexmigf


    Hi @charliemariephoto

    Should be “Completed order” for the first subscription order, and “Completed Renewal Order” for the subscription subsequent renewals. You must enable the 2.

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    Hi, yeah I’ve enabled both. But it doesn’t work for new subscriptions. Still waiting on a renewal to test that, but it definitely isn’t working for new subscription orders.

    Plugin Author Ewout


    Unless you have a customized setup, WooCommerce Subscriptions will work like this:

    1. Customer purchases a subscription, which creates a ‘regular order’ -> WooCommerce will send out the “Completed Order” email for this order, and Subscriptions will creat the subscription too.
    2. When the subscription renews, Subscriptions creates a ‘renewal order’. This does not trigger the default WooCommerce email, but the “Processing Renewal Order” or “Completed Renewal Order” (depending on your exact setup).

    I’m not sure what you mean by “new subscriptions”, but normally those should trigger the regular WooCommerce emails as per the above scheme.

    There is also a “New Renewal” email, but that is the Subscription equivalent of the “New Order” email that is sent to the admin and not to your customer.

    Hi, sorry for delay.

    I’ve had a look through my settings and I honestly don’t know why there’s no invoice being generated for the parent (or first) subscription order.

    I can confirm it generates them successfully for renewals – which is great.

    I have no custom settings bar one; i have a plugin that automatically changes all orders to ‘completed’ rather than ‘processing’ (which is the standard status for subscriptions I believe). I would have thought this wouldn’t interfere with your plugin, as it should generate an invoice for a ‘completed order’?

    Honestly don’t know why, but it won’t auto generate for the first subscription order!

    Plugin Author Ewout


    That plugin to automatically set all orders to completed may indeed be the key to the issue here. Which plugin do you use for this?

    Ahhhh, ok!

    Plugin is WooCommerce Order Status Control by SkyVerge.

    Kinda need it, as it affects other behaviours…. hopefully there’s a way round it!

    Plugin Author Ewout


    Can you share a screenshot of your Invoice “Attach to:” settings? (you can use a service like to upload your image)

    Plugin Support kluver


    Hi @charliemariephoto,

    Unfortunately your screenshot link is nog working. Could you upload your screenshot once more?

    no worries, here you go!

    Plugin Support kluver


    Thank you very much for uploading the screenshot again. I do not see anything strange in your setup. As long as the WooCommerce completed order email is actually firing, the invoice for the parent order should be automatically generated.

    Could you check if:

    1) The completed order email is enabled in your WooCommerce settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Emails)

    2) Use a mail logger like WP Mail Logging to check if the completed order email is actually being sent.

    Ah. I think I see the problem, and it’s at my end.

    I use WC Follow Ups email to send the initial order email for a new subscription – so I can customise it more.

    I use the standard WC renewal email when their renewals come round as it doesn’t need as much customisation…

    That’ll explain why it’s generating for renewals, but not for standard orders.

    So sorry for that – the plugin is working fine then!

    I guess it’s worth asking, would you ever look to sync it with Follow Up emails as well? So I can tick certain emails there to generate a pdf invoice?


    Hi! Just wondering if I could get a response to my latest query? Would you be looking to sync with Follow Ups at all?

    Thank you!

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