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  • Looks like the Google has removed such ability to export spreadsheet in the csv format. A simple workaround could be to upload a csv file to your server and use it as a source for your chart. Could you try it?



    Hi – no biggie – we wanted to use Google Drive so that non web peeps could populate and update the spreadsheets ongoing, but they are happy to just upload the csv through WordPress for initial and ongoing updates.


    Step 1) Set share to anyone with link
    Step 2) Use the following URL replacing KEY with the Google Doc key – In your example it would be 1OwLbLxAemWIjLo97GR3xggXkGwBFBpbGJie9eKj7gwk

    Perhaps there a feature could be added that just allows you to enter the KEY and the plugin would generate the rest of the URL

    So if Google no longer supports publishing csv files, the interactivity no longer works and the plug in’s documentation should be updated to reflect that, no?
    I tried the above and replaced “export” with “pubhtml” and neither work.


    You don’t have to use Google. Just upload your csv to your server, copy its link and use it as remote source. In this case you will be able to update csv files and your charts will be updated as well.

    Right but the documentation says you can connect to a Google doc. The alternative is you have to replace the file when it changes (or find a way to open it from the server in Excel). Dynamic updates were a requirement in this case, so I ended up using RJ Quickcharts which provides an easy way to update via the dashboard so removes the need for a Google doc.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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