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  • I looked everywhere but I can’t find and option to define the link color. I ended up with the ugly blue default color.
    I tried to work with the Color Palette but no effect on links.

    I am sure I am missing something here.
    Where do I define the color for my (content area) links globally?

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    Thanks for the link, but I had a look at the video before.

    This is not what I was looking for, I’m afraid.
    I was looking for an option to define a global link color inside the content area. I am used to do this in my WordPress themes.
    I don’t feel it is good usability to make my clients struggle with the color of every single link.

    Anyway, this is a showstopper for me.


    Could it be your theme settings for links still overrule the Elementor color settings?
    What theme are you using please?
    A link to where this is happening is always useful to try and help too πŸ™‚

    In your dashboard – Elementor – settings:
    you can check or uncheck if you want Elementor to dominate the colors of your theme.

    Normally I prefer to let the theme ( customizer ) control my colors and links etc.
    I suppose this is happening because of one of these settings, depending on what theme you use and what settings and options are turned on there to control for example the link colors.

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    I don’t think it is the theme (which was Twentysixteen).
    I even had the link-styles of the theme deactivated, the browser showed me the default HTML link color (the blue one).
    And yes, I checked that Elementor was allowed to control all the colors.

    So – did I miss something?
    Is there an option somewhere in Elementor where I can define a global link color?


    As far as I know, that is a theme thing, I mean the global settings like link colors etc are mostly addressed there. Elementor gives you even more control so you can ( if needed somewhere ) even change the color per page or widget ) but normally I always set the global settings of color and fonts and links in my theme.

    I think ( I do not use Twenty Sixteen ) its better and easier to just activate the theme styles again and set the global colors there so its automatically correct if a client uses it. Then if for some reason on some widgets or text an other clolor would be nicer, you can use elementor to style it differently in that particular area.

    Better yet, why not use a theme that plays very well with Elementor like OceanWP or GeneratePress?

    If you prefer to still disable the themes colors, you can set global colors with Elementor this way:

    Open a page and edit with Elementor
    Left side in Elementor edit mode click on the left togle icon
    There are all the global settings for elementor

    However, I myself find this confusing especially for clients.
    Therefor I disable the global settings of Elementor and use the theme settings in customizer.

    Hope this helps?

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    Thanks, Annie!
    The way you described would be the way I would prefer. πŸ™‚

    But the project I need Elementor for has some special requirements. These requirements are the reason why I looked into page builders in the first place.
    We will have one theme for several microsites with different designs inside a multisite. This is a rather peculiar approach, I know.

    The client wants to define different colors and fonts on every microsite. This works well with Elementor except one thing: The link color. As there is no global setting for this color. For example I can define the body font color and the colors of the headings globally, but not the link color. This color will be pulled from style.css.
    For the client this will be hard to understand.

    I think I can change the link color locally in every single Elementor element. And that is the way we will do it.

    This is a bit of a difficult situation.
    I can either work with the theme’s defaults OR I can make global settings for color and fonts in Elementor. But the second method does not work as expected because there is one crucial element missing: The links. I can’t address them via Elementor.
    I think this is a problem and I am sure my client will be confused.


    By the way: Does Elementor have any difficulties with multisite?

    I see. Because you only use one theme, the colors settings will be in all microsites as well. Because of that, you hope using a pagebuilder, can achieve different colors per microsite, despite the one dominant theme for all.

    On the other hand, you could use this theme in every microsite seperatelly if I am not mistaken ( do not use multisites myself ):

    In docs of Elementor is stated its ok with multi sites too:


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    Hi, Annie,

    thank you so much for your time and helping me think. I appreciate that.

    We have several multisites running and I’m familiar with the theme handling. I don’t think there will be a problem with our microsite theme.

    I also think we can live with the missing option of a global link color in Elementor for now. But I feel that there is a little “hole” in your system – the user can define every major font color except one, the link color. Maybe it’s something to consider for the next version of Elementor?

    I know everyone has ideas what should be on the features list, but I dare say it’s probably not just me who ran into this problem.


    Hi Kirsten,

    True, lets hope Elementor adds this feature in the future.
    Just to make things clear, I am only a voluntair trying to help out, not part of Elementor team:-)

    You might want to pop this question here:

    Good luck with the project!

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